How Children are using Mobile Technology

Convergent mobile media are increasingly popular among European children. However, up-to-date and comparable findings regarding the use of mobile media (especially smartphones and tablets), divides in usage and skills, the incidence and nature of risks and safety associated with mobile internet are still lacking. Net Children Go Mobile researchers are providing a robust and comparable picture on how children in Denmark, Italy, Romania and the UK use technology, having drawn up infogrpahics to highlight the usage in modern societies.

Giovanna Mascheroni heads up this European wide project, saying:

Exposure to online risks appears greater among children who also use mobile devices to go online when compared to the 2010 EU Kids Online data. This is not a causal relationship, though. Rather, we observe the same correlation between opportunities and risks: older users and smartphone and tablet users benefit from more online opportunities, but are also exposed to more risks. As children go online more in a variety of contexts and from a wider range of devices, they also encounter more risks


The research process is currently conducting the qualitative part with further analysis due in the forthcoming months. More in-depth information about the project can be view at the project home-page (Click here to view).

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