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One of our recent, most popular and inspirational responses online has been to us promoting a modified tweet via @JamieClark85:

Which was inspired by this fantastic Classroom Display created by @LauraLolder:

Creating your own version of a metro map is actually quite easy, and a great activity to support pupils learning about different aspects within subjects, or even as connection maps for revision.

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Crudely, we created a map, using the online tool by (click here to view in a new window). Working on a PC/Mac (site not compatible with tablets), it is simple to create your own routes, adding stations and connections as you work. Pupils could be asked to plan their routes, then create their map online using this site. It certainly is worth considering where the ‘station creation’ box appears on the screen, as you cannot add stations behind this pop-up box. We added zones to our map by saving the map from beno, then inserting the image into MS Publisher to create the zones in the background. It is worth having a play-around with the site, as a few features are a bit fiddly, but once you get the hang of it, everything becomes clear. Let us know if you create maps with your students.

Teachers are starting to share how they have used this resource to support students in their subjects. Please let us know if you create one, and we will add to the gallery below:

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