Activity: #SocialPlanes – Analogue Digital Messages

There are millions of messages sent each day on social networking sites. Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat all see vast numbers each day, but these messages can be gone in a flash being difficult to save for personal prosperity sake. Many will agree that receiving a hand-written note means a lot more than a digital message, as a lot more effort and consideration is required to send such messages.

Now, thanks to, you can write a simple message on one of their (PDF) social media planes, which can be passed on to a person so they can keep the message, if they like, to remember such a notice.

They are not just a novelty but a great opportunity to be used within education circles. Why? Some ideas could include:

  • Get school leavers to write a message to each of their classmates, so they have a keepsake message from people they shared their learning with.
  • Use the planes as a means of raising awareness of responsible behaviours using social media, within an assembly or as part of a whole-class discussion about respect and social media.
  • Use the planes to share some learning you have gained from social media, especially to those colleagues who “don’t do twitter”, dropping key messages, tips, links or ideas to show the benefits you have gained from engaging professionally on social media.

The PDF templates of the Planes are freely available from the socialplanes website. Click here to view.

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