Should the school day be extended? Pros and Cons of Keeping Pupils for Longer


If teachers are asked to work more hours during the day they’re bound to expect a pay rise. Sure, many volunteer to stay behind to run clubs and after school activities anyway, but if their contracts changed overnight they might not be happy. If professional teachers dislike this change, the government would have to train new people to cover the additional hours and this would be expensive. Moreover, children need something to do during this extra time which means a revamp of the national curriculum or money to invest in new resources.

Hungry children
If the gap between lunch time and home time increases, children are going to get hungry. Little ones with rumbling tummies are not productive so the school would have to provide food or ask parents to pack bigger school lunches. This will impact financially on the education sector and might upset families who routinely eat in the early evening. As well as keeping kids fed and watered, there must also be adequate breaks to ensure they don’t get bored. A longer school day could disrupt the usual routine of family life.

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