Session 287: Bring Your Own Research

Thursday 28th January 2016


Q1. What theories or ideas have caught your attention and why?

Q2. What action research techniques have you used in your classroom and what were the results?

Q3. What research tools have you used in the classroom that have enabled you to gather effective data?

Q4. What authors, books, speakers or others have influenced you in your classroom practice?

Q5. Do you have any research you’ve published that you would like to share that others would find interesting?

Q6. What ‘tried and tested’ ideas are you using and would like to share?

Q7. What barriers or problems have you encountered in embedding research informed practice?


Tonight’s ukedchat focus was on research, specifically evidence informed practice from the classroom. A number of teachers joined in to share and discuss the methods wins and barriers faced in achieving an evidence informed learning environment. @jw_teach spent a fair amount of time discussing and asking questions about how videoing lessons can inform teaching practice. A number of other tweeters joined in with this conversation.

One outcome of that part of the debate involving @cjabracher, @Sarah__wright1, @Jon_M_Bailey, @susmck2, @SertOlcay, @Tim_Hobson and @kari n13773564 led to them setting up #VEOresearchgroup. Popular video CPD app VEO app joined in with #ukedchat to say that they would support a cross school piece of research in order to facilitate their CPD. Fab! Another strand running through the chat were the ideas of @JenJayneWilson, a ML and research student from Durham University. Jennifer very kindly shared lots of links and ideas in the chat and these run through the Storify that you can read below.

Thank you to Jennifer for her many contributions in the chat.

Another tweeter that was prevalent in the chat was @4C3d. He shared a number of related blogs on topic and engaged with lots of helpful tweets. On the question of barriers, the age old comments of lack of time, confidence and money came to the fore – some of these we can’t do much about but certainly, when it comes to confidence, there was lots of advice, particularly from @ncjbrown – a lecturer in education with interests in research and teacher training.

All in all it was a pretty busy chat with some great ideas shared and (I think) a great result with the #VEOresearchgroup being formed. I really hope something comes of this and the barriers of time, confidence and money mean it does’t happen.

Thank you to Martin Burrett for the opportunity to host the chat – when you think that this was the 284th UKEDchat edition, it’s just mind boggling to think about the impact that the #ukedchat phenomenon has had over the years. Thank you for all that you do to raise standards and share practice in schools not just in the UK but beyond. Thank you.

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