Are We Listening to Society? by @jameswren1975

Life skills are hugely important and very much in demand. It is these skills which make all the difference, regardless of the route a student decides to take. The skills of collaboration, creativity, autonomy, decision making and flexibility are critical. I believe there are many students who ‘fail’ examinations and struggle with memorisation, but still hold massive creative potential, how do we ensure these students do well? But the soft skills, the people and creative skills, these are invaluable and shouldn’t be ignored, because these skills are the ones being asked for.

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Today’s children will have jobs in 20 years which we don’t even know the job titles for, so with this in mind, what kind of skills are they going to need? What gives students that added unique selling point to truly stand out?

Being able to communicate effectively and collaborate with practical, innovative and fresh ideas will never dry up, and the demand for these skills has never been higher. According to many leading CEOs, there seems to be a bit of a glut. Qualifications might get a student to an interview, but it’s the soft skills that will make all the difference for all the right reasons.

@jameswren1975 Director, School of Creative Thinking – Graz, Austria

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