UKEdMag: Pareto Knew How To Balance It All by @ArtyTeach79

In an ever demanding world the need to balance school and home life has never been greater. Recently I explored and shared with staff the 80/20 principle.

Pareto’s rule of measuring effective output. It hit home to all staff when we data analysed where 80% of our grade A’s were coming from to discover actually stemmed from 20% of the subjects on offer! So we delved into how we allocate our energy and discussed shared planning and directing energy towards the critical 20% of activities that will yield 80% of our most useful outcomes.

Well worth a further read and during half term or summer just order that to do list and make your life that bit easier.

This ‘In Brief’ article originally appeared in the July 2016 edition of UKEdMagazine. Click here to freely read online.

@ArtyTeach79 Subject Leader – Wigan, UK

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