Session 336: Dealing with the SLT

Thursday 12th January 2017

You can be lucky and work with an inspiring group of leaders who have a clear vision, strategy, and are supportive with your work and idea. Some School Leadership Teams (SLT) value, trust and support their staff whereas, sadly, there are those within the SLT who appear like they are like a fish out of water (idiom).

Following on from the #UKEdChat poll (see results by clicking here), the chat session this week explored experiences of dealing with the SLT, and the different characters that rule their positions.

Aimed at school leaders and teachers, the session asked:

  1. What do you consider are the main roles and duties for SLT staff?
  2. Have you ever been inspired by SLT members who truly knew the best vision for all in your school? Share.
  3. What negative examples of SLT behaviour have you witnessed in your career?
  4. What are the greatest challenges for staff who are (or want to become) part of the SLT?
  5. What do you think are the most onerous duties of being part of the SLT?
  6. Three words: What are they key qualities that members of the SLT should possess?

Were you unable to join the chat? Please scroll down to add your comments, that can be added and considered with the community during the chat.


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