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App & Store LinkiPad / iPodCost (£)SubjectOur View
Dino Tales

iPad£2.99Literacy / HistoryA delightful iPad App aimed at children 6-8 years of age, Dino Tales is not just a game, but also a beautiful Storybook and an encyclopaedia rich in Jurassic facts! Children are both adventurer and storyteller - the game captures each play session and turns it into an enchanting Storybook to be shared.
101 Animal Puzzles

iPad£1.49Early YearsA great puzzle game for young children, encourages speaking and listening as they solve each simple puzzle. Each animal has 7 levels of difficulty: easy to hard (from 2 to 8 jigsaw puzzle pieces), and difficulty levels can automatically adapt to skill level.
Earth Primer

iPad£7.99Geography / GeologyA fantastic and interactive book exploring how our planet works, from the core to the surface. Read our review here.
AnyWord Xword

iPad£1.49Literacy AnyWord Xword (Crossword) is a captivating word game with twenty increasingly complex levels. Read our review here.
The Adventure Creator

iPad£2.99LiteracyA fantastic adventure creation app that encourages thinking and creativity in pupils, who will need to make story-maps to create adventure stories. Read our review here.
Run Marco – Adventurous Coding

iPadFreeCoding / computingPlay an epic adventure game and have fun while learning to code. Read our review here.
Shape Lab

iPad£2.29MathsShape Lab is an open-ended sandbox app allowing students and teachers to explore shape and measurement concepts. Read our review here.
iPad£4.49Cross CurriculumMinecraft offers a wealth of creative learning opportunities for pupils at all age. This pocket edition is easy to use, safe, and engaging. Learn more by clicking here.
iMotion Time Lapse

iPad*Free+Cross CurriculumSuggested by Duncan McCarthy, iMotion is an intuitive and powerful time-lapse and stop-motion app for iOS.
Algebra Touch

iPad*£1.99Maths (Algebra)A great app to support the progression of algebra, allowing teachers and students to improve their skills for this tricky aspect of mathematics. Read our review here.
Long Division Touch

iPad*£1.49MathsA great app to support the progression of long division that really focuses on the mechanics of long division. Read our review here.
The Elements: Flashcards

iPadFreeScience (Chemistry)A great free revision app for students learning/revising the elements. No distractions, just the facts: name, symbol, atomic number, group.

iPad£4.99FrenchThis is a great app to support students with exams, as it focuses on clearly structured vision French Phonetic and Written words, via a native French speaker.

iPad£6.99Cross CurriculumThis app helps turn your iPad into a wireless whiteboard! Annotate PDF slides and images live in 3 easy steps. The app uses wifi and a URL.

iPad£1.99Cross CurriculumPinnic is an amazing bulletin board. Designed with visual learners in mind, it will help you organise files, notes and information. Create and share appealing mind maps with notes,files, audio, maps,contacts and link them together with pins & strings.
Write About This

iPad£2.49Literacy (Writing)Write About This is a visual writing prompt & creation platform perfect for classrooms and families! With endless ways to respond and the ability to craft custom photo prompts, it will kick-start any writing activity.
Tell About This

iPad£1.99Literacy (Speaking & Listening)Tell About This is an easy platform to inspire and capture children's thoughts and stories! They will love to explore and respond to any of the 100 interesting photo prompts using their voice.

iPad£1.99Literacy (Speaking & Listening)This is a really useful app that allows you to insert text (copy/paste, or URL link) converting the text to voice (via the SIRI function on your device). Useful for pupils and teachers alike.
Positive Penguins

iPad£1.49PSHEA great app to support children express their feelings. This app supports thinking and to challenge negative thinking in a fun interactive way.

iPad/iPod£1.49ICT (WebPage)A fantastic full page screencapture app, allows you to capture a high resolution image of a full webpage. Read our review here Read our review here.
XNote - Virtual Geochaching

iPad£1.49GeographyA fun geo-caching app allows the creation of simple treasure hunts, allowing pupils to experience nature and learn about geography, mapping skills and teamwork while having great fun. PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU USE THIS APP WITHIN SCHOOL, READY FOR A FUTURE ARTICLE.
Stick Around

iPad£1.99Cross CurriculumPlay, design, and share sorting and labelling puzzles! Stick Around comes with an assortment of puzzles, including ordering decimals and classifying rocks. It’s the player’s job to drag the stickers from the tray to their correct spots on the background before time runs out. Read our review here.
Punctuation for iPad

iPad£2.49Literacy SkillsWith the focus of grammar back in the spotlight, it is always handy to have resources which help pupils build their skills in spelling, punctuation and grammar. Read our review here.

iPad £4.99Cross CurriclumAn easy to use stop-frame animation software for iPad, with simplicity at the heart of the design. Read our review here.
ClassFlow Student

iPadFreeCross CurriculumSuggested by Emma Leacy, ClassFlow Student By Promethean allows your students to connect within your classroom! Engaging them in a new rich learning experience!

iPad*£2.99Literacy (Spellings), MfLA fantastic spellings app, to help pupils get to grips with the spelling test. The app also allows wordsearches, and other interesting ways to break the monotony. Read our review here.

iPad£1.49Science (Physics)Designed by a true rocket scientist, Truss Me helps students build intuition on how truss structures behave, and to understand how they fail through physics-based simulations. Read our review here.
The Chambers Thesaurus

iPad*£2.99Literacy (Writing)A fantastic compliment for writers to help develop and improve their writing. Read our review here.
Fun Town

iPad*£0.69Literacy & Maths (Early YearsThis fun, educational app teaches young learners: sorting, colour matching, number ordering, shape recognition, sequencing and problem solving. Read our review here.
Light-Bot App

iPad£1.99ICT (Coding)Light-bot is a programming puzzle game: a puzzle game that uses game mechanics that are firmly rooted in programming concepts. Light-bot lets players gain a practical understanding of basic control-flow concepts like procedures, loops, and conditionals, just by guiding a robot with commands to light up tiles and solve levels. Read our review here.

iPadFreeICT (Coding)The training coding web application now has ventured into an Apple App, with this iPhone app which helps users to learn how to build amazing things online by programming - all for free Read our review here.
Hairy Letters

iPad£1.99Literacy (EYFS, Phonics, Letters)An app to support young children learn their letters, with an ability to copy out the shapes of letters whilst listening to the sound of each letter. Read our review here.

iPad£6.99Cross CurriculumA slick and well designed Mind Mapping app that has simplicity at its heart. Mind mapping can be a great way of getting pupils to work creatively to show their learning – building connections between their thinking resulting in, potentially, a great revision tool. Read our review here.
The Elements in Action

iPad£2.49Science (Chemistry)This is a phenomenal app which will support pupils learning and studying the chemistry strand of science. Read our review here.
Things to Think About

iPadFreeLiteracy (Thinking Skills)This app was created and designed by teachers and pupils in Michigan, USA. It provides 100 prompts to encourage thinking and writing for pupils, supporting circle-time; p4c sessions; or discussion sessions. Read our review here.
GeoExpert HD

iPad£2.99GeographyAn app that supports the teaching and learning of Geography - specifically countries, their capitals, flags and other information which supports and understanding of the world. Read our review here.
Shape the Village

iPad£1.99Maths (Shape) Early YearsA great entertaining and educational app that helps young learners learn and understand basic shapes. This app is aimed at children below the age of 5. See our full review here.
(Word Cloud)

iPad*£0.69Cross CurriculumWordPack allows you to easily create beautiful pictures on your own by packing words in a shape. Spotted by James Abela via twitter, this creative app allows you to make great word clouds on your iPad. See our full review here.
FindMe (Autism)

iPad£7.99Special Needs (Autism)Developed by a team of psychologists at the University of Edinburgh, this app is designed to help young children with autism practice simple social skills. A free version is also available by clicking here, but the full features, which allow progression through the different stages built into the app, are available in the full version. This app was spotted on the Wired UK Website here. See our full review here.

iPad£2.99WritingTo us, the best writing app on the iPad. This app helps you improve writing by giving the option of synonyms, antonyms and phraseology. Built on Markdown, it is easy to send text to different apps, but the ability to support you and/or pupils improve writing with the valuable tools within this app makes it our new favourite writing app for the iPad. See our full review here.
DoInk Green Screen

iPad£1.99Cross CurriculumGreen Screen by Do Ink makes it easy to create incredible green screen videos right on your iPad.
Explain Everything

iPad£1.99Cross CurriculumExplain Everything is an easy-to-use design, screencasting, and interactive whiteboard tool that lets you annotate, animate, narrate, import, and export almost anything to and from almost anywhere. Suggested in the comments below by James Abela, who adds, "very useful app to encourage students to reflect"
TeacherTools HD

iPad£0.69Classroom ManagementA classroom management app featuring a class timer with built in name selector, plus a multi-functional name shuffler. Found via @mikeondigital's tweet here.

iPad£6.99Literacy (Writing)Great for presentation and can now be used within icloud.
Book Creator

iPad£2.99Literacy (Writing)Encourages pupils to create / write their own book.

iPad£2.99MathsA great app to encourage pupils improve on their basic mathematical skills.
MathBoard Fractions

iPad£2.99MathsGreat to help pupils improve and consolidate on fractions.
Magic Receipt

iPodFreeMathsCreate receipts for pupils to use in numeracy / role play (ad supported).
SMART Notebook

iPad£4.99ClassroomReplicate your SMART board on iPad. Could be use with AppleTV and projector.

iPad£0.69Literacy (Spelling)A great app to support pupils learning lists of spellings.
Comic Life

iPad£2.99Literacy (Writing)A storyboard image/writing app that can support pupils visualise their story writing.

iPad£2.99Cross CurriculumMindmapping at its simplest form for iPad.

iPad£1.49Literacy (Writing)Create striking posters with Phoster. A great creative app.

iPad£1.99ArtIf your drawing skills are 'limited', then this feltboard app can help your imagination go wild. Great fun.
Epic Citadel

iPadFreeLiteracy (Writing)A favourite app with many. Explore a mystery village for a great stimulus for writing.
Fridge Note

iPad£0.69Literacy (Spelling)Always losing those fridge magnet letters? This app has a plentiful supply.
Isle of Tune

iPad£1.49Music CompositionPupils will be enthralled with this magical music app. Build a village, and make music!
Animate it

iPad£1.99ICT SkillsCreated by the makers of Morph, this stop frame animation app is a great starting point for pupils.
Story Pairs (Nightzookeeper)

iPad£0.69Literacy (Reading / Writing)Get children developing their own stories with this magical app from Nightzookeeper. An engaging and fun app for pupils.

iPod£1.49Cross CurriclumMix a word cloud and a photo to create a great learning effect (via @collaborat_ed)
Spacecraft 3D

iPad*FreeCross CurriculumNASA's Spacecraft 3D is an augmented reality (AR) application that lets you learn about and interact with a variety of spacecraft that are used to explore our solar system, study Earth, and observe the universe (via @collaborat_ed)
Cloud Art

iPad£0.69Literacy (Spelling, writing, reading)If you like Wordle, this app is for you. Copy/paste text, and create a beautiful word cloud.
MyScript Calculator
iPad*FreeMathsA calculator that recognises your handwriting. Converts and works out your sum (via @Ymestyn. Click to read review)
Barefoot World Atlas

iPad*£2.99GeographyA 3D atlas that allows pupils to explore the regions and countries of the world Via @MrsStraitsClass.
abc Pocket Phonics

iPad£1.99Literacy (Phonics)A great iPad app (free, lite version also available) supporting pupils getting to grips with their phonic development. Via @DavyhulmePS.
Oh No Fractions

iPad*FreeMaths (Fractions)This is a great Apple app for learning about fractions in a visual way. Use the sliders to investigate fractions by comparing, adding, multiplying and more, via @ICTMagic.
Novation LaunchPad

iPadFree(+)Music (Composition)A musically creative app that gets you making beats and music instantly, via @toots2106.

iPad*FreeCross-CurriculumA great way of using iPads to engage your class with a variety ways to obtain and record pupil responses, via @theICTAdvisor. The main link takes you to the Teacher Clicker, but this link will take you to the Student Clicker.
Achieve Level 4

iPad*£3.99MathsThis app is a great way to help pupils consolidate their learning within Maths, covering most aspects of the numeracy curriculum. Tracks progress, and a great revision aide.
The Human Body

iPad*£1.99(+)Science (Biology)This app offers really useful animations of various organ systems in the human body. The animations are accurate and give a good level of interactivity, via @Ymestyn's blog post here.
Toca Cars

iPad*£0.69Maths (positional language)This is an excellent 'simulation' software app for both Early Years and beyond. A great introduction to directional and positional vocabulary too, via @Animate2Educate's tweeted recommendation here.
WavePad Plus

iPad*£6.99ICTWavePad is an audio editing application that can help in the production of voice-overs, podcast, instructions, and speaking and listening activities. A great and easy recorder.
My Story - Book Maker

iPad£2.49Literacy (Storytelling)An app that allows pupils to create and share ebooks adding drawings, photos and your voice. Mainly aimed at younger learners.
Lineal Timeline

iPad£2.99HistoryCreate and display timelines on your iPad with this innovative app which allows you to scroll back through historical events, or create your own personal timelines using notes and photos from your iPad gallary.
colAR App

iPad*Free(+)Writing (Stimulus)The most clever Augmented Reality app currently available. Print off PDF sheets from http://colarapp.com/, colour in, then make the pictures come to life. Highly recommended.

iPad*FreeScience (Chemistry)A great app from the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. Allows students to virtually create chemical reactions, using the periodic table within the app.

iPad*FreeLiteracy Encourage pupils to create their own talking gami, using own voice, or type in text and choice a character. Once done, create a shareable video.
Room on the Broom Games

iPad*£2.99Literacy (Early Years)8 magical, fun filled games based on the best selling book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, great to support working with the publication.
Multiplication - Daydream Education

iPad£1.49MathsThis multiplication app allows users to learn and practice a wide range of multiplication skills, including times tables to 12, long multiplication and multiplying by powers of ten. Found via @ICT_MrP's blog post here.
Toca Mini

iPad*£1.99Writing (Stimulus)A great addition to the Toca series of apps. Pupils can create their own characters to help stimulate writing. Export characters into other apps to create own storyboards.
Atlas by Collins

iPad*£TBA+GeographySee the world in context with Atlas by Collins™ through nine themed globes. Found via @GeoBlogs's blog post here.


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