Session 1 – How can we get more teachers to use technology effectively in their teaching?

Thursday 24th June 2010

Session Title – How can we get more teachers to use technology effectively in their teaching?

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Despite the World Cup placing huge pressures on Twitter, the first session of the #ukedchat was very popular, with many joining in the debate. Many individuals from different sectors of education discussed. It was evident that a consensus was formed in that contributors felt that it was no good throwing lots of technology in the face of the adverse teacher, and that the job should be done slowing and smoothly with mentor programmes, showing colleague the positive effect on learning technology can have.

Notable Tweets

  1. @AntHeald: The crushingly obvious point is that the hardware & network need to be robust enough not to fall over. Puts people right off tech #ukedchat
  2. @dailydenouement: In our case, it’s the discrepancy between depts; some have the tech equipment, others don’t #ukedchat
  3. @bevevans22: Also training for the phobic needs to be inspiring, useful and user friendly – too many are put off using tech by boring sessions #ukedchat
  4. @nellmog: I think differentiated training is the key so people see the true relevance to the teaching and learning in their classrooms #ukedchat
  5. @Joga5: @AntHeald I agree but there are also significant issues around teacher attitudes, confidence, pedagogy and *trusting* children #ukedchat
  6. @ianinsheffield: #ukedchat An important point I feel is “”effectively”” and what we mean by that … or can it just be “”more”” use of tech?
  7. @sciencelabman: we have to be ambassadors for how to use to technology in the classroom. #ukedchat
  8. @aangeli: in my experience it’s all about CPD and a real emphasis on the C #ukedchat
  9. @sciencelabman: access is an issue for me as I have some great ideas but are limited by when i can get into the computer room. #ukedchat
  10. @dughall: Teachers are obliged to help children become literate in *every* sense. This *has* to include technology #ukedchat
  11. @cjs76: Higher leadership at school/county level needs to emphasise importance and promote. Ind.teachers should not be left to do it all #ukedchat
  12. @katie_hague: Agree with @dughall – impact on learners is a real ‘carrot’, have persuaded lots of reluctant teachers this way! #ukedchat

Tweet of the Week
@AntHeald: I think ubiquity & quality of tech is important. Imagine teaching with 6 shared pencils & no sharpener. S’times feels like that #ukedchat

About the author of this article…

@colport is a KS1/2 teacher in the North West of England, and one of the founders of #ukedchat

Links identified throughout the session
@colport shows how children are easily used to technology

@jamesclay: My thoughts on time (from 2007) #ukedchat

@Kattle9: @dughall worth reading on this #ukedchat

@ianaddison: Wanna help support staff? Video help files from the excellent @baggiepr #ukedchat

@dughall: @IaninSheffield Keep an eye on this #ukedchat

@ianinsheffield: @natty08 you might find a few useful Moodle resources in here, (inc. some good vids) #ukedchat

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