Session 2 – If you could revise the curriculum, what would it look like?

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If you could revise the curriculum, what would it look like?

Summary of Discussion

The second ever #ukedchat was a lively, quick-fire, stimulating discussion with much consensus and agreement amongst contributors about their visions for curriculum reform.

[pullquote]Learning is like a long walk, you know where you want to get to, but the route can change and meander[/pullquote]Key features of people’s ideal curriculum seemed to be that it should be

  • Learner-centred
  • Flexible
  • Creative
  • Thematic/project-based
  • Relevant
  • Community/locality-based
  • Outdoor and/or in ‘different’ learning spaces.

curricThere was some discussion about how realistic such aspirations might be with observations and comments being made about all stages of education but with a feeling that EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) seemed to be getting many things right. Questions were also asked about the degree of risk involved in reforming curriculum and how well placed schools are to take such risks given a climate of inspection and accountability.

There was also discussion of of QCA Scheme of work units and their potential shortcomings.

Eye-Catching Tweets

  • @carolrainbow My ideal curriculum would be full of exciting, open ended projects for pupils to research and present, with no fixed timetable #ukedchat
  • @jamesmichie @chris_1974 @ianaddison ideally I would like to see timetables centred around students needs & interests. #ukedchat
  • @dailydenouement Think depends on how much risk the mgmt prepared to take with curric. & timetable design #ukedchat
  • @kvnmcl Take out the prescriptive nature, add a dash of teacher ingenuity and a dollop of creative learning #ukedchat
  • @sciencelabman we have to teach kids to take responsibilty for their own learning #ukedchat
  • @Joga5  Meaningful, vibrant, relevant, child and teacher directed, developed with cross curricular links but also with a sense of rigour #ukedchat
  • @carolrainbow An ipod touch or similar with loads of learning apps & internet would be on every desk and used all day as needed for research etc #ukedchat
  • @islayian @chris_1974 We have doubled up most 50 min periods and added in flexi time on friday afternoon Classes are non certificated #ukedchat
  • @sciencelabman it needs to interest kids and not just something we can test #ukedchat
  • @kvnmcl Foundation stage has it right so why not use their approach for the whole pri curriculum #ukedchat
  • @janwebb21 @carolrainbow I’d want to go further and make the curriculum a spiral curriculum that built skills and knowledge throughout school #ukedchat
  • @kvnmcl @dughall A risk worth taking? So many classes in KS2 are now factories of learning, the enjoyment phased out due to targets #ukedchat
  • @Elmlea1981 Most aspects of teaching needs revolutionising. What, where and how but It’s got to start with small changes so everyone joins in #ukedchat
  • @eyebeams Ofsted should mentor not blame #ukedchat
  • @chrismayoh If a leadership team is strong and enough and has a clear vision, nobody else is needed to successfully develop the curriculum #ukedchat
  • @Elmlea1981 Teachers need to be trusted to take risks. Surely mistakes lead to development and improvements! #ukedchat
  • @dailydenouement Student-led lessons need better planning to plan in behaviour mgmt etc, I think – actually more prep work but far more fun! #ukedchat
  • @DKMead: #ukedchat I think there is broad agreement here that learning needs to be contextual
  • @bevevans22 @chrismayoh And offsite and after school learning has made huge diff to our childrens’ learning (& how they view themselves) #ukedchat
  • @eyebeams Senior management should be more bound into the needs of the local communities that would help with heavy lifting in curriculum #ukedchat
  • @carolrainbow @tj007 Chn can only take charge of their learning if they know how to learn! The is 1 of the key things for pri educators I think #ukedchat

Tweet of the Week

@didactylos #ukedchat learning is like a long walk, you know where you want to get to, but the route can change and meander

Useful Weblinks Highlighted during #ukedchat

@islayian for future reading What should ed looklike in 2020? #ukedchat
@DKMead #ukedchat Queensland New Basics has an enlightened and flexible approach too
@Joga5 Can I chuck in the Guskey model to support introduction of new approaches (plan for outcomes and work back) #ukedchat
@colport: Cool. A quick way to follow those who actively use #ukedchat  or any other hastag.
@Joga5 Can I just make more people aware of new idea #read4joy  or #teachread #ukedchat
@graingered Would like 2invite all #ukedchat  folks 2visit KARE Givers blog@ I’m looking 4 global #perspective  on Ed issues

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@dughall – I am currently an e-learning consultant supporting 200 schools in a Local Authority in West Yorkshire. I was a Primary school teacher for 14 years and part time lecturer in Primary ICT at The University of Leeds for 4 years.

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