Session 10 – Differences between primary and secondary teaching and what can be learnt from each other

Discussion Topic

What are the main differences between primary and secondary teaching. What can we learn from each other?

Summary of Discussion

This was the tenth session of #ukedchat, once again proving to be a though-provoking, stimulating discussion. One major theme was primary and secondary teachers working a lot closer together to help pupils through the transition from one educational setting to another. Although many involved in the conversation have not had experience in their opposite setting, participants were able to challenge each other about a variety of areas, such as transition, cross-curriculum, and classroom set ups.

Eye-Catching Tweets

  • @Smichael920 – reciprocal visits between Y6&7 staff would help understand learners aptitudes & needs. Particularly ICT skills
  • @katie_hague – Think people who’ve done both are key, as otherwise it’s all perception. By definition, don’t know what other is like!
  • @dawnhallybone – next year will have role in borough as consultant working with both prim and 2ndary – hoping to learn lots
  • @KnikiDavies – It only seems to be Y6 teachers involved in transition. Maybe more of us should be able to go and observe & share ideas?
  • @aangeli – I’ve taught in both and have to say biggest difference for me was the relationships you build with yr classes….
  • @herrn96 – Secondary tchrs would really benefit from seeing what goes on in Y6 class. Obvious CPD, particularly for new tchrs.
  • @Ideas_Factory – essential that Y6 & Y7 teachers meet plan & teach in each others schools
  • @cliffmanning – primary environment always seems better for supporting project based learning than secondary boxes and corridors to me.
  • @tonycassidy – But don’t students also benefit from being in the presence of subject specialists.
  • @TheHeadsOffice – Brining sec specialists into prim to work with yr 5/6 is excellent for both groups! & I have run a work shop about planning with Sec staff using prim egs. They thought it great & have adopted it!!
  • @lduffy85 – 2ry teachers protectiveness of their subject can b hinderance, i.e hist teacher focus on the history may not support eng skills.
  • @katie_hague – Ouch! Some ‘my workload more than yours’ comments – surely this is part of prob? ALL teaching v demanding & time consuming!
  • @Joga5 – Is there greater bravery in 2ry in terms of approach to the curriculum? So many Prim heads claim HAVING to teach Nat Strats / QCA
  • @familysimpson – primary / secondary joint cpd? You teach me, I teach you? Advertise in staff room – show feedback – make connections!
  • @KnikiDavies – I get an afternoon a week PPA this year. Inspired by this am going to ask to visit our high school and see classes in action!

Tweet/s of the Week

These were ones which really got me thinking and reflecting:

@lisibo – I’ve taught in both and they’re so different. Both have their challenges. For a start, clash of personalities is easier in 2ndary.
@ianinsheffield – Just a thought for #ukedchat , but what if schools taught pupils from 4 to 18? ie no 1ry/2ry boundary. Just sayin’
@herrn96 – my 2ry school used 1ry students for lesson obs as part of interviews – truly eye-opening. Many cands underestimated the students!
@janekilpatrick – Disagree re pedagogy/subject. they must go hand in hand in secondary. Need to get past “I teach Maths” to “I teach students”!

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