Session 11 – The Essential Skills of the Ideal 21st Century Educator

Session Title:
What are the primary / essential skills of the ideal 21st century educator and how can we achieve that?

Session Summary
We decided that a 21C educator needs a set of skills and we are going to try to flesh them out with / for the #ukedchat community at so please visit and add to it.

We thought that the 21C educator reaches far beyond technology, they do need and use technology to communicate and collaborate more widely but it is a way of learning and teaching too (See the skills set) they need to model the things we want the children to be: reflective, open, questioning, empathetic, honest, creative, resilient etc. whilst they are teaching. The picture of the networked teacher in the middle with the tools, learners, people he/she networks with and resources for doing that round her demonstrates a move from the “guide on the side” image that has already taken over from the “sage on the stage” old fashioned idea of teaching.

[pullquote]False praise is not beneficial; it does not prepare children for failure.[/pullquote]21C L & T is about learning by doing or at least trying, maybe failing, valuing the failure and learning from it, thus building in all of the learners a resilience that enables them to bounce back and move forward again. False praise is not beneficial; it does not prepare children for failure. (Also in the long term it will not aid their self esteem as they will know that they have not done well enough at times.)

Reluctant teachers need coaching, mentoring and their learning facilitated as well as more usual CPD and we felt that pupils should take on all of those roles too. Things like #ukedchat and teachmeets are very good CPD but not enough teachers are involved.

Over the course of the conversation people agreed that many things – reflection, teaching all pupils not just academics, good communicating skills, the ability to instill curiosity and get pupils questioning, self evaluation – and more are simply good teaching regardless of century and tools and led to asking what is special about the 21C Educator. The discussion sort of ended where we started by agreeing that good educator skills are the same regardless of century but we are going to try to elaborate and work up a set of skills to use as a measure of 21C excellence. Thanks so much for the discussion everyone!

Noticable Tweets
eyebeams Ideal skills- making the tacit explicit in teaching and learning by a using a host of technologies combined with social engagement

FionaAS RT @dughall: Absolutely agree with you & @clcteacher – We should be a *community* of learners. Teacher & learner boundaries blurred. #ukedchat

colport I wonder if there is a more emphasis to teach the whole child, rather than a curriculum? #ukedchat

aangeli: 21st century learners need to be…1) Critical Thinkers & Problem Solvers 2) ace Collaborators & Influencers #ukedchat

dailydenouement Good point RT @tonycassidy: Does anyone not learn anything new in their classroom each day? Bad or good, it’s what brings me back #ukedchat

RT @glynnlee: #ukedchat A 21C teacher has to work towards meeting the needs of all children not just the academic! Maslow’s hierarchy of needs anybody.

RT @dughall: @carolrainbow Coaching & mentoring and team teaching can all help develop educators (alongside traditional CPD too). #ukedchat

RT @Mrrainford: What is missing from the 21c learner though? I personally think they’ve lost the ability to fail, failure is an important lesson #ukedchat

daviderogers See Conversation @tonycassidy You know what I think he did. Teacher need to help young people figure out what to DO WITH knowledge,not just find it #ukedchat

theokk Educators need to understand that the world, and by default, rules of engagement of how students can learn have changed #ukedchat

RT @eyebeams: @ForesterJo – Start with making people curious about things they don’t understand and are afraid of 😉 #ukedchat ABSOLUTELY!

missbrownsword #ukedchat we need to be able to inspire chn to want to find things out & teach them skills to do that effectively

chrismayoh You need a combination of skills: patience, organisation, emotional intelligence, a natural work ethic + tremendous resilience #ukedchat

shamblesguru Essential skills : sense of humor, empathy, respect, lifelong learner, body & mind, questioner, info literate #ukedchat #shambles

carolrainbow Creative, information-hunters, explorers, collaborators, communicators, resilient, flexible, passionate, #ukedchat #shambles

cliffmanning being constantly curious & inspiring others to be is essential 21st century skill – lots of info but curiosity makes it make sense #ukedchat

Tweet of the Week
dughall @carolrainbow I think we are (hopefully) making a shift from Learning 1.0 to Learning 2.0 #ukedchat

I love this very witty tweet – web 1 – access to knowledge and web 2.0 the ability to share, collaborate, create and more and Learning 1 – access to knowledge via books and the teacher and Learning 2.0 the ability to share, collaborate, create, investigate is why we have technology 😀 (IMHO of course – but a very witty tweet all the same)

Useful weblinks noted during the session: – by @heyjudeonline Content Used to be King: The Semantic Web in Education slide show. It considers how the semantic web gives us a huge amount of information – amounting to information overload with rich content for all. It talks about mobile networking taking over in the future. The internet is broken – unrelated websites. It needs to be put right – semantic technologies! Bank – river bank or money bank? The digital internet revolution! Cybraryman’s collection of differentiated learning resources A BBC video asking if we are starting our children in the right direction at school. a picture putting the networked teacher in the middle of the technlogy, pedagogy, colleagues, tools, opportunities, wikis, blogs, social networking facilities and groups as well as local networking groups gives an illustration of what soneone feels a 21C teacher should be.

Digital Literacies as outlined by @hrheingold here #ukedchat

About the host:
I am currently an ICT consultant for Oxfordshire County Council. My role is to support teachers (mainly primary and special) in using ICT to enhance teaching and learning. There are lots of other strands to my job though – I am the ECDL centre manager, an NVQ A1 Assessor, and ICT Mark Assessor, an EPICT Facilitator and more recently a VITAL Facilitator. These roles are to help teachers in the county to improve their use of ICT in the classroom and for personal professional use.
I am particularly interested in using Second Life for teaching at the moment and run e-safety training sessions on Learn4Life island as well as working with Skoolaborate for running teen projects.

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