Session 18: How to get ‘behind the times’ schools, ahead…and FAST!

Session Title

How to get ‘behind the times’ schools, ahead…and FAST!

Session Summary

There was a lot of discussion about what behind the times means. Does it mean that the school is generally not innovating? Or is it that they don’t use technology? The point was made that often it is teachers rather than whole schools that are reluctant to change. There was discussion about how to bring these teachers forward and support them in the process of becoming innovative. We looked at things that might involve quick wins to draw the attention of staff.

Notable Tweets

@zoeross19 a chat over tea & biccies works remarkably well with the most reluctant – about nothing to do with tech.
@trees2066 Quick win – Use technologies staff already are comfortable with like Skype within the curriculum:
@stevebob79 quick wins for me (for London teachers) often start with sharing LGfL resources
@chrismayoh Ultimately, if you have the support of SMT & are prepared to work hard & take the odd risk, you can always stay ahead of the game
@trees2066 We’ve tried to start a collection of simple case studies at
@didactaylos got to say proper ‘team teaching’ can be a pretty good way of moving people one – right teaming is vital
@preadacomdom Experimentation leads to success, but also failure. But having the confidence to fail always leads to success.
@didactaylos we also live in a culture where experimentation is not in vogue – where keeping in the shoal is safe re targets and Ofsted
@kishtiaq pedagogy, pedagogy, pedagogy not tech, tech, tech!
@drashcasey we need teachers to look ahead and not have to look at their feet to make sure they don’t trip
@dughall Teachers generally buy into learning. If you can show them impact on learners, that often works.
unconsciously incompetent to consciously incompetent to consciously competent to unconsciously competent – this is about CPD
@lisacov19 keeping up to date is about being reflective of where we are & what we are doing, looking at where
@dughall Leadership is *essential* without SMT buy-in, change & movement is nigh on impossible
@chrismayoh It is often untrue true that people don’t have time to do things. It’s that they have chosen not to prioritise them
@drashcasey I don’t believe that ICT means innovation but innovation can use ICT
@didactaylos  have blogged about this – drew analogy with doctors and would we tolerate them not keeping up to date?
@lisacov19 the way to move forward is to utilise all ideas that are available & what better way to share ideas than through multimedia?
@didactaylos do most teahcers come into the job full of idealism and interest and have the system bash it out of them?
@colport I see that teaching is a continuous personal learning journey for me – I owe it to the pupils I teach
@didactaylos you can be very techy and still behind the times, depends how you measure things
@didactaylos I have to constantly change how i do things in my job and stand up and show how I do it. Some teachers have not moved in a decade.
@innerquest perhaps we worship too much at the feet of the god called technology, maybe WE should take a step back?
@icanteach_uk Let’s face it anyone using #ukedchat is clearly ahead of the times – however those ‘not’ on twitter are not necessarily behind the times

Tweet of the Week

@didactaylos  have blogged about this – drew analogy with doctors and would we tolerate them not keeping up to date?

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I am a primary school teacher at a school in Hampshire. Ex-VLE consultant, current Google teacher and ICT Mark Assessor.

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