Session 21: The potential damage of funding cuts on Sports Colleges and their associated schemes. What will this mean to teachers?

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The potential damage of funding cuts on Sports Colleges and their associated schemes. What will this mean to teachers?

Session Summary

The discussion was about the place of physical education in schools. It was about the past experiences of teachers and the similar present and future that they feel has influenced the subject. The UKEdChat participants were great and many acknowledged that physical education had not been a great experience for them and that they now engaged in physical activity despite, but not because, of their physical education learning experiences. However, it was acknowledged that many educators had noted the innovative practices of colleagues within physical education and felt that not all practitioners should be tarred with the same brush. It seemed clear that our experiences as students has a massive impact on future perceptions of, and participation in, physical activity and towards physical education.

Eye-Catching Tweets from the Session

Phys edu needs more outdoor edu focused on pers development to be more inclusive #ukedchat

@DrAshCasey we are really benefiting from our ssco #ukedchat

We are a sports college, but diff to see how it benefits wider sch

Some teachers are expected to teach PE with virtually no training, that must be very hard #UKEdChat

@dailydenouement You shouldn’t – doing a ‘fencing’ project with English to bring Shakespeare plays to life! #ukedchat

PE does seem to the one thing that doesn’t fit into the creative curriculum…or does it? #ukedchat

#ukedchat Would like PE include much more gentle stuff eg walking & hula hooping for non-competitive types like the sport-hating child I was

How do you get the ‘lost’ kids back quick. From age 9 to 16 sicknote, varrucas etc etc. I hated PE with passion #ukedchat

PE is encouraged to be competitive, which it can be, but not if not sporty/competitive are pitched against sporty types #ukedchat

oh and it;s the one area where middle schools outshine primaries for KS2 kids, our facilities & teachers are brilliant #ukedchat

#ukedchat PE contributes loads in my sch. Leadership, creativity, cross-phase, community cohesion, SMSC. HoD relentless & +ve. Kids love it.

PE can provide a fantastic opportunity to find different leaders than those who emerge in the classroom too #UKEdChat

@VGoodyear Both – bleeding knuckles after being tackled by teacher put me off hockey! but I love teaching hockey! #ukedchat

Technology can play an important role. But its also vital teachers always strive to improve. A good balance of both @DrAshCasey #ukedchat

..and choosing the teams. Captains chose one at a time. Always me and the very big girl left at the end. They chose big girl. #ukedchat

How much of P.E. should be about getting pupils out of breath, and physically working them hard? (fitness) #ukedchat

@DrAshCasey @JaneDavis13 @SusanElkinJourn changing rooms is where the learning begins and a challenge at times #ukedchat

@VGoodyear @DrAshCasey @SusanElkinJourn changing rooms can be v difficult for some learners on the autistic continuum #ukedchat

@VGoodyear thinking and independent learning is a massive part of PE that is missed by lots of teachers tech is underused in pe #ukedchat

#ukedchat PE teaches students so many life skills. Benefits of diff types of exercise. Why exercise, nutrition. Motor/psychomotor skills

Tweet of the Week

#ukedchat Is PhysEd all about what the teachers are comfortable teaching or want to teach?

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About the Host

I was a full-time physical education teacher for 15 years. For the last seven I undertook a MSc and then a PhD explore alternative approaches in teaching that would better help my students to learn about and through physical education rather than simply learning what to do. I know work as a teacher educator and am keen to work with teachers in an effort to jointly reason a future of education that puts the child before the teaching.

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