Session 36: What are the real vs imaginary dangers of tech & what is the best way to approach e-safety, especially thinking of using Mobile devices?

Session Title:

What are the real vs imaginary dangers of tech & what is the best way to approach e-safety, especially thinking of using Mobile devices.

Summary of Discussion:

This discussion evolved around the topic of using mLearning devices in the school, whether to use them, what they offer, how to use them and was very little to do with e-safety except that we all seemed to agree that  AUPs. Acceptable User Policies are necessary to protect all users and should be established to build trust between all parties! Cost, equality of access, teacher confidence, curricular use, extra curricular use, were all topics of discussion during the chat.

Notable Tweets:

ChrisFullerisms @carolrainbow for mobiles, lack of engagement+ education abt them. Just like with any tool teachers need to think thru purposes #ukedchat -8:01 PM Mar 10th, 2011

kernow_james fine line telling them not to use them, and then a student googles something and then telling the class something amazing #ukedchat -8:03 PM Mar 10th, 2011

ethinking @bucharesttutor #ukedchat they are communicating – how can it be a waste of time -8:04 PM Mar 10th, 2011

JOHNSAYERS @carolrainbow I think it is more on trust! I believe the issue is staff ignorance and avoidance and fear that they can’t keep up! #ukedchat -8:08 PM Mar 10th, 2011

kbrechin RT @rashush2: we never banned playgrounds coz they were places people could be bullied, we sort out the bullies! (in most cases!) #ukedchat -8:08 PM Mar 10th, 2011

innerquest #UKEdChat Are mobile phones actually mobile phones anymore? More like mobile media centres which enhance learning -8:09 PM Mar 10th, 2011

JOHNSAYERS @carolrainbow I get mine to add to my posterous one using mobiles! I’m going to start parent/student blogs! #ukedchat -8:09 PM Mar 10th, 2011

colport RT @ePaceonline: #ukedchat case for if can’t beat it harness the positive aspects instead? If used well they could be a great learning tool. -8:10 PM Mar 10th, 2011

innerquest personal and professional life can become blurred when using personal technology, needs to be a clear separation for our own sake #UKEdChat -8:10 PM Mar 10th, 2011

carolrainbow @Sport_ed Agree – the kit in their pockets is often better than school equipment #ukedchat -8:12 PM Mar 10th, 2011

deerwood Should we teach pupils the benefit of good mobile use as well as potential dangers #ukedchat -8:12 PM Mar 10th, 2011

Joeleppington #ukedchat As with all tools of learning mobiles can be used to enhance learning, but only if teachers specifically plan for it? -8:13 PM Mar 10th, 2011

rashush2 @ahiggi @Bellsdad Think that’s changed a LOT in the last two years – nearly all my y6 now have internet mobiles #ukedchat -8:15 PM Mar 10th, 2011

ethinking #ukedchat esafety is for cowards – bring on the the advent of digital wisdom – the tool of the brave -8:16 PM Mar 10th, 2011

colport RT @ethinking: drop your phone at the desk , take your brain out at the door – you are not here to think! #ukedchat -8:19 PM Mar 10th, 2011

jennitonic80 #ukedchat move with the times. teach kids to harness whats at their finger tips. their future, not ours. -8:21 PM Mar 10th, 2011

bucharesttutor @carolrainbow tech is def appreciated but what say about applications like Whatsapp? #ukedchat. Whatsapp fr eg. allows S’s to text forever -8:21 PM Mar 10th, 2011

colport RT @ethinking: #ukedchat if students are texting in your lesson and not engaged – please leave the profession, you aint cutting it. -8:24 PM Mar 10th, 2011

kernow_james mobile on fieldtrips are so valuable, the ability to take photos, voice notes and find lost students… #ukedchat #geographyteacher -8:26 PM Mar 10th, 2011

LiveBinders RT @nellmog: Teaching students how to use tools inventively and creatively solves the majority of issues they can cause < are we not educators? #ukedchat -8:30 PM Mar 10th, 2011

Tweet of the Week:

@JOHNSAYERS: Give a pupil an encyclopaedia and they get so much knowledge. Give them tech and wow! Exponential learning as variety! #ukedchat -8:22 PM Mar 10th, 2011

Notable Links Highlighted:

@cybraryman1:  My AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) also Fair Use Policy page: #ukedchat -8:48 PM Mar 10th, 2011

ahiggi – lots of info about prof Claire Woods work on texting and child literacy here #ukedchat -8:56 PM Mar 10th, 2011

cybraryman1 I feel Blended Learning has a big future in education: #ukedchat -8:58 PM Mar 10th, 2011

@ahiggi: becta/oxford report is here but other safety related becta reports also here #ukedchat -9:03 PM Mar 10th, 2011

briankotts 6 Signs you have STOPPED LEARNING /via @brandon_thomas #edchat #ukedchat  -7:50 PM Mar 10th, 2011

About your host:

I am currently an ICT Consultant for primary schools in Oxfordshire. My big interests are in e-safety, I am a CEOP Ambassador and EPICT E-safety facilitator, and mLearning having just finished a 6 week mLearning course run by The Consultants-E based in Barcelona (
Sadly like so many teachers in LA teams the future is uncertain.

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