Session 37: Why Do So Many NQTs Leave Within 5 Years and What Can We Do To Stop The Drain?

Hosted by John Sayer

Summary Title:

Why do so many NQT ‘s leave within 5 yrs and what can we do to stop the drain?

Hosted by: John Sayer

Session Summary:

The discussion focus covers the problems with the training of NQT teachers and their feeling of being under prepared, isolated and inundated with too much to understand in the day to day running of full time teaching. This opened up Pandoras Box with a clear view that NQTs feel not ready to teach day in day out with all the skills and tools necessary to feel confident to do the job, with the current training regimes. Those who were comfortable and able to cope received excellent in school support and they had an inspiring NQT tutor. Most felt that the tutor needs to have current training themselves in inspiring and current learning tools.

Those who have trained for 3-4 years gave the impression that they were much better prepared for the world of day to day school life. They knew the basics as well as the fine details of teaching which often get missed by PGCE courses which skate over topics too quickly just to tick a box.

As a direct result of this the chat moved on to examine the key question of ‘what can we do to improve the situation?’ Contributors mainly suggested that using twitter and NQT teach meetings should be an avenue to explore. Also allowing NQTs / training teachers to tour a variety of teaching environments/schools to get a wider scope of teaching.

A lot of people showed caution to training schools and also the worry that we are not giving a clear training structure at present and training is hap hazard across the country as to the type of quality you may receive.

The discussion could have gone on and on and so a further discussion on this theme to perhaps summarise how NQT teachmeets went could be a future discussion?

Eye-Catching Tweets from the Session:

  • phillengthorn 20:02 the jump from being on PGCE to NQT is massive
  • egalr 20:03 As a current PGCE student I really believe 1year is not long enough to prepare you for life as a teacher
  • kirstyforbes 20:04 4 year BEd that I did was pretty useless and out of date
  • ianaddison 20:04 I did a 3yr BA, I have NO idea how people can get ready to be a teacher in just 1 year. Seems crazy.
  • kiwiteacheruk 20:05 GTP prepares you for workload and life in theclassroom – it doesn’t give you depth of theoretical knowledge
  • john_at_muuua 20:05 I’ve only now realised that the moment I became a real teacher iswhen I stopped using my thought and it became instinct
  • ngryjedi 20:06 I left because of 4 things. 1) behaviour. 2)bureaucracy. 3) understaffing. 4) stress caused by 1), 2) and 3)
  • colport 20:07 Look at the time the ‘celebs’ have had on Jamie’s Dream school. Not as easy as they thought
  • cherrylkd 20:10 I think many NQTs leave due to lack of support or protection from a trained mentor. Support varies but should be standardised.
  • egalr 20:10 Frustrates me when people on my course say they’re not sure they want to teach. Make sure you want to do it before you start!
  • davestacey 20:10 I had a great NQT Mentor and loads of support. Couldn’t have done it without that.
  • davestacey 20:11 Wonder if 5 yr point is linked to pay. Looking elsewherebut too expensive for a ‘teacher’ but don’t really want to be HoD.
  • deerwood 20:14 I’m not convinced a 1year PGCE can qualify someone to teach as well as a 4yr B.ed . Teaching is about more than subject knowledge.
  • Totallywired77:  my PGCE course leader hadn’t been in a classroom for over ten years! At the time though we didn’t question her.
  • Totallywired77 20:22 For NQT’s to develop into creative facilitators of learning they need mentoring from creative facilitators of learning.
  • gideonwilliams: Remember at York Uni where PGCE lecturers were required to do a school secondment every 2-3yrs.
  • JOHNSAYERS 20:23 Should NQTs tour schools in an area and find NQT tutors who are like minded to aid their acceleration process of learning ideas.
  • AdiNotNow 20:23 Spent some time this academic year seconded, training BEds in ITuse in primary schools. Opened my eyes…. New ideas, visions
  • AdiNotNow 20:31 NQTs need a friend in an experienced teacher not just the mentor but the one who will help them deal with the issues that arise
  • paulhaigh 20:33 One sad thing is failing schools aren’t allowed students and NQTs-who would bring the latest ideas and energy.
  • jennitonic80 regularly told to forget my ideas and focuson school rules. Very demotivating as LOVE my career choice FINALLY.
  • dailydenouement 20:35 I feel that NQT/ITT should include assertiveness training – peopleneed to know they can say no, they can ask for help etc.
  • iteachyear420:35Think support in school needs to be improved for all teachers, not just NQTs. (know how to help others).
  • JOHNSAYERS 20:44 The ideas I get from twitter have revolutionised my teaching sotraining programmes really need to get involved
  • sarahjnl 20:54 in Finland it’s 7 yrs training, teachers are the topgraduates who are top teachers and that’s why standards are somuch higher
  • paulhaigh 20:50 #ukedchat we have to get over the idea that when you get QTS your training is done- that should be just the start, career long learning

Tweet of the Week:

ianinsheffield 20:29 Encouraging them into support networks like the positive, inspiring atmosphere found here #ukedchat Build up your PLN! Or organise them! #NQTMeet?

Web Links Highlighted from the session:

BrainTrack 20:15 A video to make you remember why you’re a teacher

About the Host:

I’m a geography teacher (running department for 2 years) who also is a teacher/learner of RE, History, PSHCE and now ICT! I’m a teacher of 4 years experience and in that time I have survived to some extend.

In the last year I had to run a department single handedly without any other geographers and so I had to be proactive and as a direct result joined twitter. My learning strategies and teaching have gone from strength to strength and the ideas I have gained from twitter specifically #ukedchat and the amazing geography practitioners out there on this have aided me to become a confident teacher, learner and strategical thinker.

I’ve since joined my school improvement group and now have ideas to aid others in my area, country and globally! I have a passion for passing on ideas that have helped me and also coming up with ideas in the classroom.

I’m based in Newcastle and teach in Darlington and am willing to aid anyone and meet up with any teachers/learners/trainees as a support base/network.

I WILL be setting up a NQT teach meet in a variety of locations in the North-East in the coming months so come and join me and others to support each other:)

Finally a plug go to and for what I am up to in the classroom.

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