Session 39: The Focus of Displays and Environmental Prints

Session Title:

The Focus of Displays and Environmental Prints.

Session Summary:

[pullquote]Blogs are fantastic opportunity to have unlimited displays of kids work that they can share with own family.[/pullquote]The aim of the discussion on Displays was to find out what contributors to #ukedchat think of displays. The focus of this was to find out the core values of displays and the variety of uses that we have for them. Many teachers contributed great uses for displays to aid engagement of students as learning tools.

The discussion had a raft of fantastically creative ideas to use displays ion the classroom to aid learning and teaching strategies so I suggest that teachers look at the archive and have a go at some if not all of the strategies and give feedback to #ukedchat as to how it went.

The discussion then focussed on the variety of displays. From entrance displays, newsletters, websites, blogs youtube channels, internet tv etc. This shows that displays have an evolving future that schools will tap into to aid effective interactions with parents and also for students to feel the worth of the work that they do and to keep them engaged and valued.

@Ideas_Factory took control for a core element of the discussion on environmental prints – using symbols, signs, objects, logos that we see, use everyday as learning tools and engagement tools. This Contributors to the discussion found that environmental prints aided class discussions are very thought provoking tools that provoke deeper thinking of the learning. Although some worries of perhaps sending the wrong message with them E.g. the golden Arches the McDonalds M. But this would create an opinionated discussion that would extend the learning and perhaps allow cross-curriculum links.

The final element of the discussion allowed for contributors to explore where displays may develop in schools with focus on websites, as avenues that could (should) be explored/refined to display work /learning in a valued and creative manner.

So everyone go away and experiment was a big message I got from the discussion tonight and something I will be doing over the coming weeks, days.

Notable Tweets from Session:

@BSFDarren – In the best schools I see displays for learners, designed by learners.
@colport – I worry about ‘working walls’. Very busy – can easily overload with info. Seems a fad in my school at moment.
@BrighterTyger – The best displays I’ve seen have been created in collaboration with students and continually added to.
@djmot – Have been working @stuartaris with year 6. Their classroom is covered in WOW words, tons of learning strategies etc. It’s amazing!
@GillDeCosemo – lots of photos of the children participating in sports, artprojects, playing, achieving and smiling.
@LeahJames21 – Often been amazed with the amount of children clueless about the helpful words around the classroom. Only useful if they know!
@LeahJames21 – display should be a celebration of work with mixed ability examples compared to ‘a board a subject with words’ robotic classrooms.
@asober – How about using displays as learning tool? Kids add to them as and when they feel like it? Thinking learning logs too.
@djmot – Try to make displays etc multisensory.Engage at every level and opportunity = successful learners.
@wjput – Learners & teachers need bright & stimulating environments. They help learning & illustrate that teachers care.
@BrighterTyger – I’d say the crucial element of a display is the children’s ownership over it.
@egalr – I think display should support ch learning, with e.g.reminders of what learnt so far and an idea of what its leading to as focus.
@kvnmcl – I’ve seen unchanged educational displays on upper walls all year. That’s decoration.
@a_p_martin – washing lines across the classroom and peg work up. Canthen refer to it and add, take away. Good for timelines and causation.
@kvnmcl – Ceiling displays, table displays, chair displays, floor displays, windowdisplays. Displays aren’t just for walls.
@davestacey – Pupils book covers are another display space – get them to design acover linked to yrs topics at start of yr, during yr, end yr.
@trainieteacher – I have had children using whiteboard pens to write all overtheir tables, they love it and it rubs straight off again (add plastic onto table – don’t rub off and add collaborated writing onto wall)
@LibWithAttitude – Digital photo frames to show pics of events, new books, recommended books etc.
@Ideas_Factory –  I believe Logos can be used for language, art, maths, andliteracy. The only limitation is the imagination of the educator.
@JOHNSAYERS – tagxedo a great way of using signs symbols that we all recognise and adding wordle style wording to them.

@Ideas_Factory – environmental prints it could enable a discussion about those things! E.g. M&S, M, Apple etc
@tonycassidy – Wondered about the thoughts of teachers with students with certain learning difficulties where displays can prove a distraction.
@jackieschneider – I think key to display is change them often, involve kids &make sure ALL kids get something up regardless of “quality”
@BSFDarren – have people thought about the “spaces in between”? Stairwells, toilets, corridors, lobbies, dining halls, outside spaces?
@susanbanister – Never underestimate the displays in the entrance of the school. I find it usually reflects the school. Good displays good school.
@rashush2 – And photos from trips – can show much more on MLE than paper.
@Ideas_Factory – A lot of OFSTED inspectors make their minds up about a school based on environment-obviously reflects organisation & attitudes.
@Ideas_Factory – What about QR codes? I’ve just introduced those recordable postcards stuck on displays-we get kids to describe display.
@demote – School youtube channel? Nowthere’s an idea to have a look at


Tweet of the Week:

A trio on same theme:)
@colport 20:26 I actually place photos of displays on classblog so parents can see.
@trainieteacher 20:29 I think all schools should have a class blog per class to sharework with the parents!
@jackieschneider 20:48 blogs are fantastic opportunity to have unlimited displaysof kids work that they can share with own family.

Web-Links Highlighted:

@cardiffscience 20:38 Whiteboard on a roll
@withoutmotive 20:39 IdeaPaint – whiteboard paint that willturn any surface into a drywipe surface.
@RMPSteacher 20:38 in the news dispays work well I find. We look for religiousand moral issues reported
@BSFDarren have people looked at incredible, freeresource and research project about design of learning space.

About your hosts:

Julian Wood is a Deputy Head in an inner-city primary school who started his teaching career late after working in retail for 10 years.
John Sayers is a Geography Teacher with a keen interest to become an AST and curriculum leader of ICT watch this space! Find his geography ideas, learning at his blog https://sayerjohn,

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