Session 43 – How do we educate more teachers in integration of technology into curriculum?

Topic of Discussion:

How do we educate more teachers in integration of technology into curriculum?

Summary of Discussion:

This was a strange one as we have discussed this before in various different situations and topics. How do we get people involved? It seemed to come down to the fact that we need to keep it simple, we need to lead by example and we need to be there if people find it difficult. Providing help guides and being supportive seems to be the best way forward!

Notable Tweets During the Session:

@eyebeams – Every technophobe I know knows how to book a holiday on the web #ukedchat
@ideas_factory – Thing about tech is that since the advent of WEB 2.0 even the seemingly complicated things are EASY-we need to share/show this
@kempsterd – Why not put the Literacy Ldr in charge of ICT and reverse roles for a term? Swp on a regular basis with others and see what hppns #ukedchat
@eyebeams – DO people think teachers into ICT are more likely to be “self-starters” when it comes to CPD, training, initiatives etc #ukedchat
@xpunzx – I also think you need time to practice, u get shwn new tech, u need time2play – and 2apply 2 ur subject
@eyebeams – Anything “new” needs months of embedding with some staff and days with pupils get pupils to do the heavy lifting #ukedchat
@drashcasey – I think they’re important but feel that teachers have to take responsibility for how they facilitate learning. #ukedchat
@suerobinson2 –  I would be worried if staff didn’t come up with ideas for new/diff resources etc. Otherwise how do we keep improving?
@drashcasey – should the PE teacher be there to support those who want to exercise? or the music teach for those who download tunes? #ukedchat
@bobtoms100 – Those who think that all teachers who like tech are geeks should see work being done in primary/elem education: incredibly good #ukedchat
@peterford – If TeachMeet a powerful model plan 2 or 7 min TM slot into fabric of every staff meeting. Sharing soon becomes part of school DNA #ukedchat
@johnsayers – Through following twitter I got so much greater understanding of new tech and I took to school. Join in the club:) #ukedchat
@missbartel – I wish I could convince others of the importance of a PLN for pro-D especially to keep current w/ tech.
@joeleppington – I’m playing devil’s advocate a bit but would say a lot of new tech doesn’t improve on non-tech ways of doing things
@bobtoms100 – U can offer ur servs as guide/trainer, but cos of teachers’ busy lives, don’t have high expectations of being asked at early stage #ukedchat
@drashcasey – Is it the ICT co-ordinator’s responsible to help teachers learn about tech! Shouldn’t teacher take responsibility themselves? #ukedchat
@stephaniebaier – Some teachers are AWESOME without tech. Why force them to integrate? #edchat #ukedchat
@darney_ictteach – sit down with teachers, review SoWs and discuss how tech can help with learning?
@ideas_factory – Only way to ‘turn’ non-techies is to give them no choice by integrating it into all school life & insisting they use it regularly!
@cherise_duxbury – quote from a colleague ‘I have enough to do without playing with software before a lesson’
@garyaveryict – We tend to be the ones trying to get message across, I’ve thought of monthly ICT newsletter just to get message out
@grahamcullen – Ensure they have adequate kit that works effectively. Outdated laptops etc turns them off even more.
@kempsterd – Leadership should set expectations. They should say – this is what I expect you to use in this school & then provide CPD for them
@cherise_duxbury – it is important to give them time to get to grips with new software / hardware too…

Tweet/s of the Week:

Every technophobe I know knows how to book a holiday on the web – people DO use technology. But we need to make it simple and easy for all.

About your Host:

My name is Ian Addison and I am a Primary School ICT Coordinator at St John the Baptist Primary School in Hampshire.
I am also a Google Certified Teacher and ICT Mark Assessor.

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