Session 49 – Interesting, innovative, engaging teaching and learning strategies. Share.

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Interesting, innovative, engaging teaching and learning strategies. Share.

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@primarypete_ INITIAL FOCUS: What innovative whole class tools do you use that help impact on learning? e.g. no hands up / game based learning #ukedchat
@primarypete_ #ukedchat whilst you can share what you want whenever you want, I will send FOCUS CHANGE tweets to direct the discussion. Here we go!!
@primarypete_ #ukedchat idea for tonight is to share good practice rather than feel like you are ‘showing off’ or don’t have anything valuable to share
@primarypete_ Welcome to #ukedchat >Interesting, innovative engaging teaching&learning strategies.Share anything that has impacted positively on learning!
@Educationchat Using a visualiser is brilliant – gives children instant feedback, shows good examples, boosts self-esteem… #ukedchat
@ElKel99 #ukedchat I give out Millionaire lifeline cards e.g. ask the teacher – aim is to still have it at the end of the lesson
@OSC_IB #ukedchat sometimes its helpful to have a learner repeat something said by the previous learner, encourages listening
@miss_kitch #ukedchat Asking chn to talk to their partner. Chn are given carpet spaces (Y1) & partner to talk to so can discuss ideas & thoughts
@BarnsleySteele #ukedchat independent learning and thinking, in the hope that understanding will improve by pupils figuring out the problems
@bellaale #ukedchat saw a great idea the other day (sorry, don’t remember where…). For plenaries, get two teachers to swap rooms! (genius)
@MykWagstaff #ukedchat hands up banned – like to use more random selection methods so all learners prepare answers
@StrictTeacher99 @ukedchat plenary: everyone has to give word linked to lesson without repeating what’s already been said. Great 4 thinking & listening!
@primarypete_ FOCUS CHANGE: How & when do you structure a lesson differently from the norm to impact on learning? E.g. mini plenaries, no T talk #ukedchat
@mr_chadwick Change structure of lesson when it’s needed; ‘Assessment in Learning’ not ‘Assessment for Learning’ #ukedchat
@Educationchat Get ch’n to generate own success criteria to lessons! Sinks in & stops teacher trying 2 come up with their own child friendly ones #ukedchat
@primarypete_ I find that the biggest ‘small change’ I have made fairly recently that really impacts is use of mini plenaries throughout lessons #ukedchat
@Vickycarl I get children in Year 2 to write their own next steps in certain pieces of writing to get them to take responsibility for learning#ukedchat
@mattharding007 Focus of all lessons should be relevance! Get that right and kids absorb everything you throw at them! #ukedchat
@bilehs @SimonBainbridge I ask the children ontransition day what they would like to learn next year, then incorporate it however I can #ukedchat
@bellaale #ukedchat Work with kids to set (high) expectations, then build trust to ensure they are continually met
@john_at_muuua @maxrayner back to keeping it real. HATE the ‘what did we learn today’ every bloody lesson plenary type. A plenary should be real. #ukedchat
@jodieworld I really want to have a day where I get the ch. to plan the day and assign lesson objectives. Will try when back in class next yr! #ukedchat
@mister_jim #ukedchat I let the chn inform my med term plannin. They add activities they want to do and tangents they want to explore.
@BenRogersOVA #ukedchat I observed a colleague today developing a SoL with students. They were evaluating the lessons and suggesting improvements.
@primarypete_ FOCUS CHANGE: What cross curricular topics/themes have engaged your class? What impacted most on their learning? #ukedchat
@jodieworld I love that everyone is using the pupils to observe and plan – less work for us too and a happy teacher = happy pupils! 😉 #ukedchat
@bellaale #ukedchat We did a project last summer term called “Ballard TV”, where each class produced a TV programme in an MFL…x-curric gold!
@GaryAveryICT Lots of talk of plenaries, good ones dangle the carrot of the next lesson..hook them in early! #ukedchat
@Vickycarl Space theme worked really well, good for cross-curricular links #ukedchat
@jodieworld Our Year 5 teachers ran a trade inquiry term and they investigated fair trade and the children decided to sell ice cream #ukedchat 1/2
@qbhistory @ukedchat – we do 3 x intensive weeks, off timetable on themes such as OCR National in a week, Arts Award, Play-in-a-week, Gr8 for a sec sch
@mister_jim Best topic was Death. I used @neilhimself’s Graveyard Book. The kids wrote loads & blogged loads & improved loads #ukedchat
@MathsMummy #ukedchat Pupils work together in pairs. Each pair then joins up with another pair to explain and compare ideas
@miss_kitch #ukedchat smoothies – for healthy living week has been fantastic and growing to linked with our allotment
@Mean_Teacher @primarypete_ Yr 9 Hist & Drama – Holocaust – They liked that it was real and they could express their feelings through role play #ukedchat
@primarypete_ Most effective cross curricular themes I have created have all included game based learning in some form #ukedchat Mariokart, Pirates
@john_at_muuua does anyone teach a holistic curriculum? where all the dots join up. Does it work? #ukedchat
@jodieworld Children worked out pricing, make podcast adverts, posters, bought the ingredients, did the work and project managed! #ukedchat 2/3
@OSC_IB #ukedchat I’d be interested to know if anyone has successfully used e-portfolios as motivators
@Vickycarl We are currently doing brain awareness week, the children are really engaged with that #ukedchat
@primarypete_ FOCUS CHANGE: Is there anything you have tried that doesn’t work for you & your class or you would like help in developing? #ukedchat
@ePaceonline #ukedchat I was lucky enought to be trained pre NC. We were told to use cross curricular themes and start from where pupils were interested
@miss_kitch #ukedchat question walls – the chn ask the questions but never seem to have time to answer all of them
@colport @primarypete_ WORKING WALLS 🙁 #ukedchat
@Educationchat #ukedchat What didn’t work…BIG WRITE. I know a lot of schools swear by it but YAWN! Never ‘got’ it. Really hard to make it relevant….
@ePaceonline #ukedchat some of the best learning experiences with pupils have come on residential courses.
@materialteacher #ukedchat I’ve never found an effective ILP? Is there one and how can it be used to biggest impact?
@mr_tchn In general group work is less effective then expected; my top students ask to do projects alone to avoid carrying others #ukedchat
@PetermSkelton mini whiteboards – too much faff and distraction #ukedchat
@primarypete_ Really think tonight’s #ukedchat will be a slow burner. Seeing lots of opportunities to follow up during the week on areas of interest
@sfrench21 I use whiteboards tonnes and have no probs wt them. Ss used to using & great for assessing whole class for pace of lesson #ukedchat
@teacherhut working walls can work; post-it notes that children can access, write ideas on and put up – quick and simple but not great looking #ukedchat
@primarypete_ I love mini whiteboards. Quick picture on digi camera and you have evidence. Great for KS1 and Foundation (apart from handwriting) #ukedchat
@mattharding007 Hey I love mini-whiteboards! Instant feedback from every child, every child involved, kids love writing on them but they are noisy #ukedchat
@teacherhut #ukedchat couldn’t teach without mini whiteboards – instant feedback – gives all chn a voice and a chance to show you their opinion
@KempsterD One thing that heartens me about these chats on #ukedchat is that all of you are exploring learning in great ways. #Notknowledge transfer
@primarypete_ FOCUS CHANGE: For the last 20 mins, please share any other innovative/engaging T & L strategies that haven’t fitted in so far! #ukedchat
@clairelowe2 All learners need to rub shoulders with all abilities at some points #ukedchat
@DrAshCasey Better late than never #ukedchat I used wikis to get my form to design their own counties…with their own politics, leisure, economics etc
@ePaceonline #ukedchat Think my focus is on involving pupils in their learning rather than ‘doing’ learning to them. Find the spark!
@MsKateRyan Hardly innovative, but we should engage with students as people, as well as learners. Find out what makes them tick and go! #UKEdchat
@teacherhut #ukedchat we change talk partners evey week – chn sit in abaility groups 80% of time for literacy and numeracy
@primarypete_ #ukedchat I love using’cogs’.Ch sit in = numbers with inner and outer circle. They discuss with member from other circle. Then inner rotates
@mr_chadwick Been getting children to recognise when the are in the ‘comfort’, ‘challenge’ or ‘danger’ zone, when they are working #ukedchat

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Web-links Highlighted During the session:
Random Name/Word Picker via @dmchugh675 or
Diana Pardoe via @mr_chadwick
Write a Class rap via @creativeedu
Jim Cain via @ufasarah and his Raccoon Circles pdf here
Book – Teacher’s Toolkit: Raise Classroom Achievement with Strategies for Every Learner via @primarypete_
Magic Chair activity via @bevevans22
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