Session 50 – What is the best sort of CPD and how can we provide it?

Session Title: 

What is the best sort of CPD and how can we provide it?

[pullquote]The best CPD takes you to the edge of your comfort zone, challenges and then supports you to put into practice” @ufasarah[/pullquote]

Summary of Session:
This is made up from snippets of tweets – it seemed unfair to re-word it somehow!
We thought good CPD should be:
Relevant, purposeful and fun that empowers and enlightens
…active, fun, reflective…
Should include a number of things – inspirational training, sharing ideas informally or at a TeachMeet – all good
Have time to actually plan how to put those new ideas into practice is helpful…
Be inspirational, reflective, sharing…
It has got to be individualised, and provided by people who are really good at their particular field…
…who decides what is crucial? All educators reflecting on their strengths, interests & develpment needs, then identify CPD.
…send 2 people on a course not just 1 then the conversations continue…
…send one person out on course and they return and disseminate. Works well…
There are so many untapped skills within a school. CPD should begin at sch & staff given time to band together.
…dip in, dip out, relevant, clear, personal: genius…
Best CPD is done in-house, with teachers teaching teachers…
…ongoing and blended – support, training, online – tailored to each individual and personal.
…always be linked to real classroom examples that make a proven difference…
…something I can take back and is ready to implement in my teaching rather than ideology or blue-skies thinking…
…ask a really important question- what is the impact of OUR CPD on THEIR learning?
All CPD should be about the learners. Teachers are about learners. I hope it hasn’t gone too far away from this.
less conference style training and more coaching, demonstration teaching and tailored packages

And it shouldn’t be:
Globally teachers say worst CPD is attending seminars where people report on research and they return to school with no evidence or change to practice.
Teachers don’t like being talked AT… hands on is good…
Worst CPD is “we must tick a box that says everyone has attended child protection/epipen/etc. training every 3 years”…
The worst ever CPD for me? Singing!!! Only bloke among females = not happy…
Often talked at in CPD. Not involved. Would not do this to my class, and OFSTED would righly say unsatisfactory.
…worst ever CPD? 3 hours on how to pick up stuff safely…
Worst CPD so far has been ICT CPD – Trainer behind the staff and the children.
…worse cpd for me was lifesaving, very embarrassing as I can’t swim, irrelevant as I didn’t teach swimming …
…worst CPD – anything where there’s a real mismatch between the message and the delivery…
Worst ‘cpd’ = safeguarding basic message was it’s your fault baby p / vic klimbie happened…

The second part of the questions – who should provide it – it seems hat we are all potential trainers. Teachmeets are recognised as good practice, teacher teaching, coaching and mentoring other teachers are good, some experts seem to be okay but they need to offer one to one support and modeling is best.

Notable Tweets from Session:
@colport To start with an obvious one…The best CPD for me over the last few years has been via twitter

@sh_hanes the best cpd is not ‘provided’ it is ‘chosen’ by the individual teacher to suit their needs.

@ufasarah: I value twitter but there’s something about face to face experiential learning that is so powerful

@wrangles4477 Best CPD has same components as best lessons, afl, reflection, experiential learning, collaboration

@Creativeedu CPD can only be effective when the participants want to learn #ukedchat

@Mark__Burgess: We have loads of expertise in school and it is shared – makes people feel worthwhile as well

@Costa_Man1: Try planning lessons with teachers from totally different subjects – great CPD-shares ideas and changes your perspective

@cardiffscience A course is not cpd , the cpd is what you do with it afterwards

@ICTmagic: The best CPD is over the long term & there when you need it. So in house or online are the only effective ways. #ukedchat

@colport: I think OfSTED should be a CPD provider. > would certainly open some inspectors eyes if they came to a few TMs!

@sh_hanes: @passionateaboot choosing your own learning is motivation. We want kids to do it, why not staff?

@mberry: PLNs, unconferences and conferences always much better CPD than courses or INSET, IMHO.

@passionateaboot I attend business networking events and get much more from them than teacher networking which is same old same old

@xPunzx being part of a learning group, planning themed days with other teachers is a great way of cpd – bouncing ideas!

@bevevans22 Sharing ideas in the staff room or at staff meeting is really useful. watching other people in action is great for ideas

@informal_edu A day of CPD is often too much – nobody has time to remember and try out all those ideas

@EmathsUK Professional Learning Networks are the most effective – whether real or virtual

@informed_Edu We know that teaching others improves our own knowledge&practice. Teachers should teach other teachers.

@cardiffscience Best cpd ‘starter’for me was videoing my own lesson and really seeing what I was like . Everyone should do this.

@Stephen_Logan I have found mentoring a trainee teacher this year great for my CPD. Ideas, planning, moderating and watching them teach.
@wiputt If we don’t engage with research & dialogue on t & l [pedagogy] then I am not sure that we can call ourselves professionals.

Tweet of the Week:
@ufasarah  the best CPD takes you to the edge of your comfort zone, challenges and then supports you to put into practice
Web-Links Highlighted During Session:
The Case For Change shared by Miles Berry

Online CDP shared by Bev Evans

The Wellcome Trust shared by @Scarycurlgirl

Teachmeet map shared by Ian Anderson,-0.900879&spn=7.78157,18.566895&z=6

Some livebinders were shared but sadly private ones 🙁 Shared by David Ashworth a Summer camp for teachers live binder shared by @LesLinks Shared by @informed_edu

Twitter in the classroom shared by @LesLinks

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Carol Rainbow: Okay – many people already know me – mum, grandma – teacher, ICT Consultant…. that’s all really!! Ahh – love Second Life and do lots of e-safety training too 🙂

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