Session 54 – What do you want change about your practice next academic year?

Session Title:

What do you want change about your practice next academic year?

Session Summary:
I was concerned as moderator that the discussion would run out before the end of the hour but it was a vibrant and wide ranging chat.

I think that the strength of the cross phase nature of the ukedchat comunity came to the fore as we explored how successes from other colleagues’ work could be brought into our own practice.

Areas brought up which tweeps wanted to develop in their own practice included:

– integrating blogging into the curriculum
– Ramping up use of mobile devices in class
– Finding a better compromise between spontaneity of learning and organisation
– Integrating more new technologies and develop effective strategies for showing pupil progress
– Improving staff use of tech to facilitate better independent learning and collaboration.
– Implementing Learning focussed meetings (i.e. no admin)
– Getting project based learning established with Yr7-9 and using more Ron Berger style public critique
– Developing greater use of dialogue within Mathematics and Science
– Aiming to develop & embed independent learning in my class
– Including even more drama across the curriculum and extend my repertoire of drama strategies

At the midpoint in the debate there was a clear sense that tweeps were looking for ways in which they could share their ideas and ways of working with colleagues and also learn from them. There was discussion of whether it would be possible to develop a teachmeet approach to CPD within one institution and examples included schools where five minutes are given over at the start of Staff meetings to sharing innovation or successes.

There was also a lot of discussion about developing the use of speaking and listening and drama activities to develop pupil understanding of subjects. It was also felt by tweeps that this was vital in building pupil confidence and raising standards.

Two other issues which raised their heads were the concerns about budgets next year with one poster saying that they were concerned that they had been told that there was no budget to replace projectors or bulbs. The other was about sharing the practice discussed across a whole institution rather than developing silos of innovation.

Another which ran between one group of tweeps was taking the curriculum outside including who is in a Forest school.

The final ten minutes were their usual hectic rush of final thoughts but one which struck was the call from first time #ukedchatter @learningspy to be braver next year – this was something which struck a chord with many of us.

A great chat between 88 tweeps which flew by.

Notable Tweets from the Session
@susanbanister Do you think government’s policy on ICT (or lack of it) will change your practice next year?
@andymellor64 As a head I’m planning a series of staff meetings to introduce staff to art costa, Claxton and bill rogers.
@Totallywired77 Aiming to develop & embed independent learning in my classes
@primarypete_ I also want to dev how and when learners get a chanceto focus on making changes following feedback
@knikidavies I had a great lesson today- showed prob,then just went round groups prodding with provocations then kids ledfeedback later
@tas_sasso My long term aim is to eradicate extrinsic rewards from my practise. I want the kids to learn for the fun of learning
@lauwailap1 I want to evaluate all these innovative tools, skills and techniques tosee what actual impact they are having on learning, data etc
@sheliBB When I do my planning next year I’m going to remember to askmyself ‘How can I do this outside’. there’s more space, fresh air etc#ukedcha
@learningspy To be braver

Tweet of the Week:

@JamiePortman: #ukedchat I want to focus on effective feedback to students. Time & time again research says feedback is the cornerstone for greater progress.

About your Host:
Bill Lord
Primary adviser in learning and teaching with a penchant for literacy, GBL, ICT and pupil voice but developing an affection for maths!!!

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