Session 55 – Roundup of the academic year 2010-2011

Session Title:

Roundup of the academic year 2010-2011

Session Summary:
This ukedchat session was an end of year ‘Special’ arranged by Ian Addison via his blog:

I attempted to structure the hour into four broad sections:
• Sharing successes and highlights of the previous year
• Sharing lessons that had been learned
• Challenges and lowlights
• Looking forward to next year

I was staggered by the shear quantity and quality of contributions from ukedchat old-timers and first-timers. As I was preparing this summary and reading all the tweets from Thursday, I initially intended to pick out a few select tweets that seemed to sum up the mood or that were particularly reflective or useful. It soon became clear, however, that just about every tweet that wasn’t ‘conversation’ or retweeting was pretty much worthy of sharing and celebrating in the summary.

I therefore make no apology for what seems like a lengthy roundup but I’d rather let the tweets speak for themselves this week. Apologies if I’ve missed anyone in the maelstrom of tweets this week.

It never ceases to amaze me how inspiring, reflective and benevolent the educators on Twitter are. Just look at the tweets below and let your heart sing along with mine!

Eye-Catching Tweets from the Session:
Tweets sharing past successes, highlights and ideas:

@KnikiDavies: The blog has been my biggest success this year. Great engagement from children & parents.
@learningspy I’ll kick off – I started English GCSE course with a scheme focussing on PLTS mindsets and dispositions. Fantastic
@knikidavies Drama has also been great for enhancing writing.
@philwheeler1 It’s been a busy yr, but I’ve learnt how to motivate the quiet one at the back in new subject I’ve not taught before
@chrisleach78 ok, my y6 cd cover design project worked really well, shame run out of time. Summer term stuff
@gsussex Yr 5 & 6 Young Enterprise days went well, but likely to run in house next yr so pace better for our pupils
@bevevans22 Had a really good session – Y6 lit. ALN pupils had dictionary work comparing real & online dictionaries – they loved it!
@john_at_muuua this year has been all about simplifying our curriculum and making it transparent. Polished everything
@bucharesttutor Meeting and sharing new ideas and resources in Twitter has helped me grow immensely in my career
@misshbond Like @cherrylkd I also joined Twitter but was cynical. Turns out it’s better for CPD than I could ever have imagined.
@mrsprentice11 the blog for my English set, gave them huge confidence in their writing & great research for my MA
@benrogersOVA Hard to summarise this year. We opened as a new academy and it’s been transformational. A once in a career experience. Amazing.
@clivesir I taught Sri Lankan teachers about internet and email – now they are global!
@stephen_logan Training someone else. It has really made me think about my teaching and learning
@bobtoms100 My summer EFL learners have loved online 100 word creative writing challenge (w/ peer feedback) + correcting own written mistakes
@GaryAveryICT I learnt that my lower ability English set can create amazing movies…
@john_at_muuua biggest success has been learning that even the most technophobic teacher can use ICT if mentored appropriately
@ICTmagic First time teaching Year Six and a huge learning curve. I have Y5&6 next year again and feeling ready for it this time.
@mattharding007 A simplified School Improvement Plan worked well – no more than 3 focuses for whole year. Can achieve something then!
@chrisrat Jumping in as a non teacher, but my highlight of the last year was definitely the UK Blog Awards. So inspirational
@garyaveryict biggest success is in getting the fun back into learning… water rockets, string telephones, tin foil switches… many smiles
@karliva89 we’ve introduced skype to our students also had a batch of ipod touches complete with evernote to help with assessment
@janhs I’ve also found that comments on my blogs have been so useful (thanks)
@gsussex highs joining Twitter, Teachmeets and starting my first website/blog Lows paperwork, people with unrealistic expectations
@jackieschneider seeing young students taking part in democratic protests against student fees cheered me no end
@stephen_logan Taking business students to canary wharf and a big enterprise activity at Hull Guildhall definitely highlights
@mrg_ict I’ve learned this year that talking quietly when telling a child off is surprisingly more effective than shouting….
@knikidavies School went solo with our own design of creative curriculum. Very successful!
@rebeccagcole whole school writing on Transition Day inspired by mysterious giant eggs discovered in nature garden. Web idea… Kids loved it!
@ADSH_11 Reception class blog started from nothing this year, was greatly appreciated and well received by parents, everyone blogging nxt y
@teach_it_so Collective CPD on teaching and learning. Run by staff for staff, and programmed incrementally for the year. Support and buy-in.
@shelibb Collaborating with other schools through Comenius project and a separate etwinning project has been amazing this year
@chrisleach78 This year I’ve learnt that using blogs, Twitter etc to give kids real audience can really motivate and engage
@dmchugh675 highlight was using paragraph burgers to scaffold extended writing skils in Y8. It actually worked!
@helenmew As a #governor doing my tiny bit to help our gov body & school move forward – highlight

Tweets sharing what has been learned:

@john_at_muuua What I learnt this year: teachers need to work outside politics that changes with the weather
@misshbond I’ve learnt that parents love having chn email them from a class account and chn love sharing what they’ve learnt. Both sides win
@kimorganix I learned that a good mentor can bring about a quantum leap in your practice.
@bucharesttutor I have learnt the most important word out there and that is SHARE
@deerwood This year I’ve learnt that ebooks are a lot harder to produce than you’d think
@natty08 I also learnt working in a team is hard and I’m a control freak
@deerwood I’ve also learned that online teaching can be both fun and frustrating
@mrsprentice11 I’ve learnt teaching in a school that’s closing is emotionally challenging
@mattbuxton10 I’ve learnt this yr that despite what people say, there IS a difference between Lab & Con; at least on Education!!!!
@creativeedu I’ve learnt in the last 24 hours not to be scared of crowdsourcing, it’s easy and FABULOUS
@teach_it_so Also learned to watch out for e-vangelists, those who believe that any new tech is better than no tech!
@misshbond Being an #NQT I learnt that it’s ok to challenge ideas and that sometimes that can change things for the better
@anhalf I’ve learnt that I have a LOT still to learn about technology and how to maximise its impact in the classroom
@deerwood I’ve also learnt that there’s some damn fine people with inspirational education ideas … Pity none in government though
@missmclachlan learnt never to underestimate pupils ict skills, often amazing…but same time never overestimate. Not all savvy ict superstars!
@anhalf I’ve learnt that most schemes arent worth the money!
@gillpenny The importance of stopping once in a while to acknowledge & celebrate whats been a success Too easy to focus on next challenge.
@shelibb Going to my first ever teachmeet was pretty good- learned loads
@gsussex moving forward is dependent on vision, leadership, teamwork and commitment from whole staff team
@strictteacher99 learnt to be a bit more circumspect about what I let others know..gossip in school is rife!!
@Nic5harrison I’ve learned that after teaching for 15 yrs there are still so many new strategies/resources to explore, don’t get stuck in a rut #ukedchat
@TJ2904 learnt that working with an NQT I learnt as much from them as they did from me
@gillpenny I’ve learned that time for reflection is essential and not a luxury. Teachers trying new things need to know they have support.

Tweets sharing challenges and lowlights:

@bevevans22 Something I’ve found tricky is getting some people to take responsibility for their own ICT/use of tech. It’s been slow process
@gsussex a minus, when people assure you they are doing something they may not be . . . Evidence is always the safest route
@deerwood (online) things don’t work as well as you think. What goes well in class does not always work online. Need almost a new approach #ukedchat
@bryanharrison31 Not so successful = SATs result.
@stephen_logan Many challenges this year with changes to careers information advice and guidance Aim higher funding cuts
@xpunzx trying to do too much at once, or fight all battles on all fronts. one step at a time!
@john_at_muuua I’ve learnt that the gulf of knowledge between those who make the tech and those who use it is the problem.
@dexnott still not always managing the work/life balance but if you put others first! Can reflect on some neglect of family responsibility
@costa_man1 less successful persuading SLT that new technology is good for learning – progress is slower than I want
@jackieschneider seeing kids from low income families decide university isnt for the likes of them – serious lowlight 🙁
@john_at_muuua too often teachers are forced to used tech that was made by a genius with only a theory of teaching
@sian_rowland This year’s low: losing my job because of gov cuts
@littlejessw lowlight would be my HoD at placement school being told by management that A level languages weren’t being offered next year.
@miss_kitch Lowlight having to tackle difficult issues across the school – managed it successfully but not enjoyable at the time
@teach_it_so Huge challenge: shifting the emphasis of some of my team from transmitting facts to developing understanding
@mrAcolley My form blog didn’t fly at all. Maybe lack of class timer to focus did for it.

Tweets looking ahead:

@jackieschneider Next year I plan to defend comprehensive education from nasty vicious attacks from Dfe
@gsussex next yr – blogging, more outdoor ed, review assessments, promote collegiality/build teamwork more as a number of new staff
@Costaman1 next year will use edmodo with Cornish and American students to replay 1776 and see if revolution still happens
@learningspy Next year I want to get a job in leadership
@bucharesttutor From my end, I will try and reach out to all my UK educators and friends in Twitter #ukedchat sounds a very achievable plan 🙂
@mattbuxton I will start every one of my curriculum team meetings with the words “This meeting will help learning by….”;
Useful Links Highlighted: Learning loops via @learningspy A summary of PISA via @briankotts Polyphonic kids via @Chrisleach78 Creative writing examples by pupils at Winchester House School via @chrisleach78 Google Apps via @ianaddison An excellent roundup via @bevevans22 ICT Policy via @ianaddison Digital Leaders via @ianaddison 100 word challenge via @ianaddison Under ten minutes via @ianaddison BBC Click via @ianaddison End of year reflections blogpost via @lauwailap1 Teachmeets in Hants via @ianaddison Ode to OFSTED – an end of term message via @ideasfactory Class pet holidays via @ianaddison School Apps via @ianaddison The backdrop to ‘Night at the Musicals’ via @ICTmagic How to blog with your children via @ianaddison

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Your summariser, Dughall McCormick, is currently an educational consultant with an interest in e-learning and ICT in education.

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