Session 56 – “Hard to reach parents” practical help and suggestions that have been successful

Session Title:

“Hard to reach parents” practical help and suggestions that have been successful.


Session Summary:

[pullquote]See ‘hard to reach’ as a gap that you would like to close. Consider what you could do to move closer, and your motivations. Listen![/pullquote]A very lively discussion; full of very interesting suggestions. Apart from the many practical ideas, themes did begin to emerge including breaking down barriers, mutual respect, opening up schools, holding events and employing outreach workers and mentors. Helping parents who are wary of schools because of their own perhaps negative experiences, are also vital in forming successful links. It is important to remember that good home school relationships help pupils flourish in school. Good schools should reach out to whole community.


Notable Tweets from the Session:

@cloud_burst: #ukedchat when speaking to parents be truthful, but positive, foster an equal partnership ethos

 @pivotalpaul: #ukedchat ask parents for help and advice, value their expertise, use their skills, start the relationship with humility and an open mind

@rapclassroom: Parents are much more than resources to help us cope with challenging behaviour in class. How do we communicate this to them? #ukedchat

@Mr_J_Light: @ePaceonline we have a successful reading program. Parents come in to chat and listen to our ‘weaker’ readers. Children enjoy the attention

@teachitso: RT Key- @DexNott #ukedchat careful, thoughtful wording about incidents expectations helps. High expectations of youngsters echo with parents

@pivotalpaul: #ukedchat worth remembering that all parents want the best for their children, it is just that some don’t know how to go about it

@DexNott: #ukedchat listen carefully2 child &2 parents we too often want to give advice/lecture just listen and respond kindly thoughtfully tirelessly

@Nic5Harrison: I think our partnership with parents is key to supporting pupils and helping them reach their full potential – I welcome all ideas #ukedchat

@PivotalEllie: @DexNott#ukedchat Send more notes, make more positive phone calls, emails, invitations to parents eve, anything but more persistently

@Mando_Commando: #ukedchat one contact can build a relationship with parents rather than them feeling bombarded by 14 indiv teachers. (secondary)

@mattharding007: #ukedchat We started a topic by inviting parents in to do activities with their children. They also help us get displays up. Everyone wins!

@smurfatik: when in theUSAwe were expected to tell parents how to contact us and what times & be available to any parent at those times #ukedchat

@RossMannell: @serenity100 #ukedchat Training for working with parents is a great idea. We may be there for the children but parental

@ePaceonline: invited a whole group of parents in, mainly parents of difficult children, so they realised their child wasn’t the ‘only one’!

@richards_james: If you make a promise to a parent to do something make sure you do -or else ?

@geraldhaigh: Some success in engaging older women to work on playground games. Interesting with ethnic groups. Get the grans, and mums follow.#ukedchat


Tweet of the Week:

@rapclassroom: See ‘hard to reach’ as a gap that you would like to close. Consider what you could do to move closer, and your motivations. Listen! #ukedchat


Useful Links Highlighted:


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Overcoming 10 common barriers to parental engagement

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developing a department twitter feed



About Your Host:

Your host tonight @ePaceonline Mary Blake, ex secondary English teacher involved in many educational projects aimed at improving teaching and learning, member of multi disciplinary teams and now working as Educational Consultant developing ePace.

Thank you all for your ideas, hope they will help others in ‘bridging the gap’.

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