Too cool for school?

-This week’s #ukedchat is going to be guest hosted by Chris Leach.  He’s written a blog post to give you a flavour of what we’ll be discussing.

Too Cool for School?

On Thursday 18th August at 8pm I will be guest-hosting #ukedchat for the very first time.

Several times during my teaching career I have come across children who are academically very gifted and yet are afraid to reach their full potential because of how they think their friends will react. They don’t want to be labelled ‘boff’ or have their achievements mocked by their classmates and I have seen children who will deliberately score low in tests and remove pieces of work from display. I’m sure many of us have dealt with children who have been ‘bullied’ due to their successes in school.

So my question for this week’s #ukedchat discussion is “How can we change the attitude that it is not ‘cool’ to do well at school?” In a week where youth disengagement has been hitting the headlines it seems even more relevant that we discuss how we can ensure that all children feel that there is a purpose to school and that they are not afraid of achieving and reaching their potential.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions regarding this topic please join me on Twitter on Thursday evening from 8pm till 9pm. Just use the #ukedchat hashtag. (More info about how to #UKEdChat here)

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