Session 64: Differentiation in all its forms!


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Differentiation in all its forms!

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[pullquote]Differentiation gotta be the most challenging aspect of classroom practice. Crack that & you got a cracking teacher!” @JamiePortman[/pullquote]

The session was prompted by an article from David Didau (@Learningspy) which generated lots of comments across a wide range of opinions. This session saw as much of a range not only across age groups but also involving SEN and different learning styles.

As often happens we did not come to any agreement other than it should lead to more children achieving more! The debate asked whether there should always be 3 levels of differentiation or whether that was more for assessment purposes. Some commented that true differentiation was really hard to achieve most of the time whilst other felt it came naturally to some but not others.

We moved into different types with many suggestions that it should be based on motivation from learners rather than teacher imposed. suggestions of ways to promote it included discussion and non-book based learning. That brought us into quite a fierce discussion about learning styles. Were they differentiation by another name or were they completely different?

All in all it was agreed that learning styles would provide the topic for another excellent session!

Notable Tweets from the Session:
@teachitso Perfect differentiation throughout a lesson would require mind reading abilities. Just do your best!
@KempsterD Many heads I have talked to have said they are differentiating by putting children into sets.Should we differentiate individually?
@JohnSayers My thoughts on differentiation are based on inclusion. Has everyone in the room got an equal opportunity to access learning
@fullonlearning differentiation is best done through questioning…AfL, student-led learning and stepping back to listen and learn from students.
@matt_bellingham I’m aiming for nirvana. Getting benefits of differentiation without low ability chn feelin worthless
@andywhiteway Best differentiation tool? The teacher’s voice. Adjust, adapt, react. #ukedchat
@dan_bowen #ukedchat lighting fires rather than filling cups!
@MissMcClusky pupils all take the same tests at the end of the year, if we differentiate class work shouldn’t end of year tests also be?

Tweet(s) of the Week:
@karliva89 if children don’t learn the way you teach….. teach the way they learn. Differentiation
@JamiePortman Differentiation gotta be the most challenging aspect of classroom practice. Crack that & you got a cracking teacher!

Notable Links highlighted During the Session:

@HilaryNunns Look at for differentiation resources. Brilliant! #ukedchat

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Retired Head Teacher who has discovered the internet & blogging. Happy to help whether you are a little person or a big one!

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