Session 75: How do you engage as many pupils as possible?

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How do you engage as many pupils as possible?

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Well, this wasn’t my first time of moderating UK and chat fast fun and interesting! The topic for this week was how we can engage as many people as possible?
This topic was very close to another topic on the vote, narrowly beating another topic for this Thursday, that however didn’t seem to have any effect on how many people joined us for the chat.

It started at its usual speed and pace as many people suggested ideas and ways in which they engaged their pupils. Interestingly there was a debate as to what ‘engage’ meant.

From this we were able to continue the debate, with the understanding that to engage is not just to occupy but to stimulate and hold attention resulting in achievement and attainment.

The debate began with looking at the qualities that one needed to engage children, or rather the debate began by people saying personal qualities were important to engage pupils.

The key theme that came through at this point was having a relationship with your pupils. Knowing the children is key, you know their strengths, weaknesses, interests and disinterests. This should then allow you to plan activities that will engage your pupils.

Personal qualities are important and often allow you to engage children even in activities that are necessary rather than exciting and inspiring. However we need to have some practical ideas on how we can engage pupils through activities. The debate threw out some helpful ideas, but did still centred around knowing the pupils through that relationship. Blogging, games, Assessment for Learning, Competition, Dragon’s Den, The Apprentice and Kagan were just some suggestions.

Whatever activity we use and what ever personal qualities we posses, we must make it our goal to engage pupils, by finding out about them, what makes them tick, what inspires them. We will undoubtedly get it wrong sometimes, we may surprise ourselves sometimes, we may fail to engage some pupils who are the hardest to reach, but we should make it our sole aim to engage as many pupils as possible.

We finished by answering the question whether ‘what you do is more important than who you are’, when it comes to engaging pupils. We agreed that both are vital, but that personal qualities and how YOU ARE with the children are more important.

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I’m ICT leader and Year 5 teacher in Alexandra School Wrexham. I have a passion to see children enjoy their education, through using many tools, but particularly ICT. I have recently set up ‘paired up’ (which aims to complement Quadblogging) where I aim to link an adult from twitter with a class blog for half a term. If you’re happy to be a commenter or have a class blog please get in touch. (@ikeontoast)

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