Session 76: Teaching pupils to learn

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How do you teach Learning? – Thursday 15th December 2011

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Firstly I would like to offer words of thanks. Firstly to those poor misguided chaps at Ukedchat for allowing me to host the discussion, and secondly and certainly most importantly to the evening’s contributors – it was a fast-paced, wide-ranging and thought-provoking – perfect for a cold December evening!

It might be said that ‘teaching learning’ is too broad an area to discuss in the space of one hour, but I think we covered a good deal of ground. The important thing that seemed to come out of the first part of the chat was that learning is a skill that is developed, and perhaps can be better described as a process, and can often be best brought about by modelling. @JOHNSAYERS comment of “Learning involves virtual permanent understanding of something not just a short term gain which is progressive development cycle”

seemed very apposite, along with the comments of others that things such as resilience and not having fear of failure are vital. Concepts such as ‘scaffolding’ were mentioned to give students support, as well as placing teaching and learning alongside one another, with teacher and student working together. @Kidu89 said that ” Learning must be seen as a continual reconstruction of experience that considers social, psychological and developmental factors”.

@mberry offered the comment that “Pre-schoolers come ready-equipped knowing how to learn: it’s what they do. Not sure schooling comes so naturally”,

which led us to consider whether “Sometimes the answer isn’t the learning. It’s the process of how you got to the answer”

(@ICTWitz). It was also recommended that learning is a joint process, with student and teacher in a less didactic relationship. Moreover, a teacher can often find things that he or she can learn from the students themselves, in addition to the teacher modelling learning by setting an example (silent reading for example).

The latter part of the chat was a little concerning – with a remark that under the current government ‘didacticism’ is returning and schools are becoming exam factories.

There is so much that I could have mentioned in this summary, and I am concerned that I have not covered everything. For that, I sincerely apologise, but would recommend that everyone read the archive to see how the whole hour progressed.

Have a happy Christmas and see you in 2012!

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@KempsterD: #ukedchat I still see far too much didactic teaching and it is going to get worse under Gove. I despair sometimes. Education factories… (Sorry, I know it is not a happy thought but it is an important thing in my mind)

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I am a teacher of Modern Languages in a rural location in the West Midlands – I have been teaching in a variety of settings for 18 years, as well as having worked full time in Initial Teacher Education.

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