Session 79 – Teacher Collective Voice 2012

Thursday 5th January 2012

Session Title: How do we as the real education profs make our collective voice heard in 2012? It’s time many in our profession woke up to what is happening! (via @philallman1)

Session Summary:

It is difficult to summarise this session, as a lot of the feeling comes out through the tweets shared during the session. Therefore, please read through the tweets below, which should help you get a flavour of the discussion.

Notable tweets from the Session:

@eylanezekiel – #ukedchat Teachers voices wld be heard better & valued in policy if the culture of defensiveness was removed along w/  poor practitioners

@passionateaboot – @philallman1 @bellaale #ukedchat Broadcast your good practice and successes far and wide, with the resultant impact

@PeterSpencer88 – #ukedchat I agree that striking is rarely effective, but with a government that doesn’t want to listen, what else can we do?

@JOHNSAYERS – More open forum time for the public/ parents/MPs to see/hear great ideas initiatives so teachmeets in the open in cities etc #ukedchat

@mikemcsharry    – I’d tell them the future depends on giving you guys the chance to do the outstanding job   you’re  capable of #ukedchat

@bellaale – #ukedchat striking re pensions is one thing… getting our professional ideas across re policy issues is quite another…

@mikemcsharry    – Invite more business folks into your way of thinking – let them help to give you a voice #ukedchat

@mattpearson – Teachers views have not been heeded by politicians for 30 odd years.  We probably need a new breed of politician… #ukedchat

@mtiplady – Teachers portrayed in negative light too often in media…as well as most public sector. #ukedchat

@bevevans22 – #ukedchat There seem to be 2 areas for discussion here: sharing ideas with the wider teaching community & dealing with the political side

@davidhunter – what, ‘collectively’, do you all want to say?don’t we all gave different ideas about how things should be done, hence #ukedchat

@eylanezekiel – #ukedchat teachers have a lot more tools than strikes, and, like other prof groups, should use portfolios, research, and buying power more

@mattbuxton10 – Politics is about the collective whilst Education is about the individual; how about policies & ideas which place primacy on ind? #ukedchat

@SirBlimelyWindy – #ukedchat I fear that state education has been fatally splintered, with different schools being favoured

@mikemcsharry – Find out who will be the ‘thought influencers’ looking forward – and engage with them #ukedchat

@mattpearson – Seriously, the #ukedchat free school could work. 5 million quid from the tax payer, and we could do it all virtually… #ukedchat

@mister_jim – I think getting our point across needs to come through transparency of teaching/schooling & leadership #ukedchat

@dockers_hoops – In terms of having our voice heard, we need to be using new media instead of old and to collaborate as much as possible #ukedchat

@CliveSir – What percentage of teachers blog, tweet? How representative are you? #ukedchat

@passionateaboot – #ukedchat Can you look at this from a different perspective? Who changes hearts and minds successfully – how do they do it?

@dan_bowen    – @bevevans22 #ukedchat more Twitter more teachmeets more something New I feel.  Edu is settling down ….maybe the rise of New cpd models

@jemimaanderson – Teacher Learning Community inspired by Dylan Wiliam is one way to create environment where teachers are professionals  #ukedchat

@CliveSir – To get your voice heard you need to leverage media, with strong, coherent messages #ukedchat

@MrChambersRE – If kids are predicted below target, our fault. Over target, something’s dodgy. On target, not challenged #ukedchat #cantwin #teachers

@barton1875 – Lets remember who we are in this for. If it is good for the kids it is worth it no matter who knows about it, does it matter? #ukedchat

@kvnmcl – We continue innovating our teaching and celebrate  the learning that occurs from that innovation by sharing it with others #ukedchat

@Fiona_Davis – @janbaker97 I’ve learned more from #ukedchat and following teachers, than I have from the last goodness knows how many courses I’ve been on.

@PeterSpencer88 – #ukedchat as a supply teacher I feel so out of touch, Twitter is a great help for collaboration and ideas and encouragement

@jemimaanderson – Teachers have to embrace Learning Communities.  They are empowering and let us set the agenda for change in our classrooms.   #ukedchat

@Fiona_Davis – @PeterSpencer88 #ukedchat There is so much support here, and fresh ideas keep coming every day. The sheer enthusiasm of ed professionals….

@jemimaanderson – CPD should no longer be about rounding us up to fill our heads with content but teachers discussing their aims as professionals #ukedchat

@TheHeadsOffice – If I were a HT now I’d sort my staff out a twitter account, find out about TMs & either run or go to 1 instead of staff meeting!  #ukedchat

@kvnmcl – No hidden agendas/methods, share everything that works and doesn’t. Use any communication to get the message across #ukedchat

@Queen_Claire – Have met some influential people and discussed ideas with them through my uni. Would recommend doing PhD to any teacher #ukedchat

@CliveSir – The issues need focus – the message needs to be coherent and strong – you need champions, individuals or groups #ukedchat

@chrisleach78 – I’d love to work in a school where every teacher was EXPECTED to be on Twitter and blog #ukedchat

@EA_Holmes    – Ed writers should ideally be experienced educators. Much ed writing/comment not nuanced enough. Doesn’t challenge enough #ukedchat #values

@dockers_hoops – Until collaboration replaces competition we won’t genuinely improve and this is the key message which needs to be heard #ukedchat

@jamesdhobsonuk – Influencing policy is difficult because to get into influential position entails supporting orthodoxy. This has been me at times!  #ukedchat

@Heatherleatt – Lobby local politicians. Schools/acads still need to engage with LA as senior officers have contact with DfE and govt ministers #ukedchat

@davidErogers – Although tech helps me develop and I love being a geek, I still think that face to face is the way to build lasting relationships #ukedchat

@ianaddison – Whatever happens, I will continue sharing no matter what. It makes sense doesn’t it? #ukedchat

@jemimaanderson – Books and journals work for many.  No compulsory CPD.  Twitter and online learning is not for all.  Let teachers decide. #ukedchat

@mister_jim – a new idea – like an effective education system – will be rejected by the hegemony as it is radically different to existing policy #ukedchat

@CliveSir – @SirKenRobinson has a dig at Gove at 18’26” on the School of Life video #ukedchat

@mtiplady – #ukedchat doesn’t help when some misinformed people dont understand how twitter can b used positively.

@mberry – @chrisleach78 draft master teacher standards say “they engage with professional networks beyond the school” sounds like #ukedchat to me.

@Spencerayres – Has to come from within. Policy makers, Govt, leaders etc won’t make changes, so we as teaching practitioners have to force it #ukedchat

@GeorgeEBlack – #ukedchat the thing is the students we have now are going to leave us behind if we don’t change and then promote our teaching.

@philallman1 – We care, we do wonderful stuff, that its the best profession in world – if we R allowed 2 do it R way 4 the chn in front of us! #ukedchat

@BobToms100 – Don’t believe hype, don’t believe press & don’t believe the Gove… is it as simple as that? Don’t believe them, believe in urself #ukedchat

@MartindalePaul – Politicians not int in the professions voice – will have conv everyone to academies soon & we’ll just be a way of inc profits! #ukedchat

@TeacherToolkti – Profession needs positive PR to improve profile/respect/quality & outcomes. #Gove & limited #natcurr, #teachToTheTest doesn’t help #UKEdChat

@GeekPeter – #ukedchat I read in the press of a school where the Head was delighted with improving results, insiders say its terrible working there!

@mattpearson – Final thoughts. Teachers in Finland are very respected. All have MAs, and it is very very hard to become a teacher in Finland.. #ukedchat

@dockers_hoops – We need to show our profession at very best as much as possible. Positivity and celebrating success are crucial. Ed Essex? 🙂 #ukedchat

@MoreThanMaths – @Educationchat When my friends say that I usually offer to job swap for a week. No takers yet for my cushy job with short hours 🙂 #ukedchat

@In2schools – Been following a busy and idea bustling #ukedchat tonight with interest, observer rather than participant but lots to think about as result

@mattpearson – we need a national body to inform policy making based on research and evidence, A bit like NICE for the teaching… #ukedchat

@janeconsidine – Power to the people! Need coherent voice communicating our beliefs, feelings & ideas. Perhaps collected on a teacher’s voice site #ukedchat

@Spencerayres – So many amazing things happening in Education, we need to focus on the positive and look to the future of our students #ukedchat

@BobToms100 – I love my PLN, esp. during #ukedchat I will try my best here, esp. against the odds. Education & needs is not fully understood by many here.

Tweet of the Week:

@davidErogers – Gove isn’t in my classroom and we shouldn’t do anything for politicians or ofsted but cos it’s the right thing to do #ukedchat

@bobharrisonset – The purpose of education? e-petition for Commons debate #ukedchat
@amazingict – Great discussion, dont forget lots of us ex LA staff are in schools. Ive worked in 8 this week using #ukedchat


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