Session 83: Theme: Mobile Devices and Apps in schools

Date: Thursday 2nd February 2012

The topic for discussion this week covered mobile and tablet learning. The following questions were discussed:

  • Homework: How many students in your school have a smart phone that’ll allow android/apple apps?
  • Does your school encourage students to use their own device?
  • Have you used mobile devices in your classroom? How successful was the engagement?
  • Which apps have engaged the most effectively in your classroom?
  • What issues / restrictions have you encountered? What solutions (if any) have overcome your problems?
  • Tweet your subject / context and app use?

Summary of Discussion:
[pullquote]My poor writers record work with AUDIO APPS, audioboo, dragon and we work on handwriting to develop that as well as content ” @johnsayers[/pullquote]

The discussion this evening began with the aim of finding out how many students have mobile/tablet devices that they could use to aid their learning. The general percentage that came out from this was about 70%.

The discussion had a number of people discussing their fears of using mobile devices and issues of e-safety and access as many schools don’t have wifi which can really impact on the effectiveness of many apps such as dragon etc that require it.

The discussion tried in vane to carry on through the worry of many with examples of how learners have used various apps to engage and assist learning. The main apps that shone through were dropbox, evernote for storing learning; socrative for AfL; QR codes for a number of activities from question setting to geolocation activities to get students up and about to links to key websites for the learner to research or engage with. Plenty of recommended apps to link with IWB were given (see the eye catching tweets for these).

Many tweeters then began to give subject and context specific references of apps they have used. Review the eye catching tweets section for these.

Overall I felt very frustrated that many people have concerns with using mobile devices in the class. All I would say to them is experiment and try otherwise how can we comment on the ‘will they improve engagement and learning’ if we don’t try.

HAND LEARNING OVER TO THE STUDENTS. Don’t restrict, embrace the future and allow students to learn the worth and demonstrate that a mobile is so much more that a calling and texting device.

Eye-Catching Tweets from the Session:

@AssemblyTube 20:02 #ukedchat School websites are unreadable on mobiles. Why don’t they do something about that and give out positive signals re mobile?

@JuliaBhamICT 20:05 RT @Primary_Ed: Child today in my class took out of his bookbag firstly a Nintendo 3DS to show me and then an Ipod Touch! We must embnrace this #ukedchat

@ICTEvangelist 20:05 @ecarsontc don’t forget too u can add audio and photos as well as text to an #Evernote note. Photographed text is searchable too #ukedchat

@gavinsmart 20:05 iMovie for iPad Calculating the speed of a water balloon: #ukedchat

@MrsThorne 20:05 @Jango65 I used Kindles last year, had a class set to trial. Some details on my blog: #ukedchat

@AssemblyTube 20:06 #ukedchat If schools encourage student mobile use, don’t we have to enable any smartphone to work on school infrastructure?

@ukedchat 20:06 Developing an app? Noted this app development site today #ukedchat for iPad/Phone

@gavinsmart 20:06 Puppet Pals app for plenaries: #ukedchat

@StuartMaginnis 20:06 @JOHNSAYERS #ukedchat use mobiles all the time in PE lessons to analyse performance.

@PETeacherMGE 20:06 #ukedchat the use of technology in my lessons has improved engagement for longer durations. Pupils especially loved QR codes.

@yded06 20:06 Been using @socrative for AFL at anytime in lesson. It is excellent #ukedchat

@BathBev 20:07 #ukedchat RT@davidhunter Why did nobody tell me about the pupil premium toolkit. It’s a fantastic piece. #ukedchat

@gavinsmart 20:07 Using Comic Life app to create user manuals: #ukedchat

@MrPryer 20:08 @ukedchat I sometimes ask my students to use smartphones to look up key definitions. #ukedchat

@kiwiteacheruk 20:08 Interested in mobile tech and using tech in learning Come to LWT2012 FREE event #ukedchat

@scholaforis 20:08 @davidErogers  are you and @geocollective sharing @missionexplore with #ukedchat tonight? great app for #geog #literacy #science #outdoors

@Kathrynwiki 20:08 #ukedchat just had a fun 1/2 hour with a totally engaged 9 year old on comic life – usually HATES any effort from Mum to help him learn….

@Primary_Ed 20:08 @PeterSpencer88 O use my iphone in different ways, today i used it as a mobile mouse to allow class to control IWB #ukedchat

@LibWithAttitude 20:10 #ukedchat some great creative writing apps on ip*d – StoryCubes, Epic Citadel,APWPrompts, Storyrobe to name just a few

@Kathrynwiki 20:10 @whatsinaname10 #ukedchat QR codes – for notes – links to useful sites – to give instructions for starters

@gavinsmart 20:10 @StuartMaginnis What apps to you find most useful? video physics is a good app to analyse video footage. #ukedchat

@JOHNSAYERS 20:10: My uses are podcasting, audio recording students, dictations, researching, labelling, photo evidence/manipulation etc #ukedchat

@PETeacherMGE 20:10 #ukedchat this weeks homework for @mattysturge Yr9s PE lesson is to download the dartfish easytag app after loving the use of teacher’s iPad

@AssemblyTube 20:10 #ukedchat Schools are unlikely to buy lots of ipads. Are students’ own smartphones most cost effective way forward?

@mberry 20:11 … (small numbers of) students happily using their iPads in lectures, much more so than laptops in the past. #ukedchat

@davidhunter 20:12 @jwinchester25 #ukedchat I hear that. Some LAs have hardcore firewalls that block many apps

@kvnmcl 20:12 #ukedchat We shouldn’t even be discussing how to use mobile devices in school. They should already be part of the learning in schools

@jwinchester25 20:12 @davidhunter @mattbritland more websites are moving away from flash due to the success of the ip*d #ukedchat

@heartofsol 20:13 #ukedchat educreations is an amazing app for iPad. Whiteboard that can be recorded, shared & embedded

@ICTEvangelist 20:13 Top 6 iPad apps for Geography  #ukedchat

@kvnmcl 20:13 #ukedchat We learn anywhere we go. A mobile device can add to that learning as it can come with us. Try dragging a desktop

@ICTEvangelist 20:14 Why iPad for the English classroom in education? #ukedchat

@Kathrynwiki 20:14 #ukedchat I use my iPhone as a device for pretty much everything – yet students still say “Miss you’ve got your PHONE out”

@jwinchester25 20:14 use the ip*d as way to give feedback to class when out of the classroom -use of video evidence and pictures very useful. #ukedchat

@ElKel99 20:14 RT @Kathrynwiki: @whatsinaname10 #ukedchat QR codes – for notes – links to useful sites – sharing links to Aurasma in my class

@ICTEvangelist 20:14 iPad learning for all ages #ukedchat EYFS

@mrpeel 20:14 #ukedchat use iphone to scan and dropbox to show on IWB in minutes

@Primary_Ed 20:15 My top Apps for Iphone/Ipad in Education #ukedchat #edtech #edchat

@Kathrynwiki 20:17 #ukedchat we need to make students think of it as a device rather than a phone.  Calls & texts are such a small part

@bucharesttutor 20:18 @educreations by far is the best iPad education app out there  #ukedchat I use it both in my classroom and my tutoring sessions

@Primary_Ed 20:18 Nintendo and Maths join forces #ukedchat #edchat #edtech

@ICTEvangelist 20:19 @jwinchester25 dropbox is great, yes – sugarsync is good too for sharing files (and free too) #ukedchat

@JuliaBhamICT 20:19 RT @LibWithAttitude: Madpad great app – students can prepare video opinions and display them all together on screen , play by tapping them #ukedchat

@ElKel99 20:19 #ukedchat blatant plug – everything I’ve learnt from using iPads in school this year (including probs) is on my blog

@syded06 20:19 Current favourites @explaineverything @educreations @edmodo @socrative in general use #ukedchat

@LibWithAttitude 20:20 @ICTEvangelist  So many uses for madpad, very versatile & easy to use #ukedchat

@ElKel99 20:20 @JOHNSAYERS #ukedchat I’ve found that by not asking kids to put phones away they’re more likely to use for learning than hiding under desk

@bucharesttutor 20:20 @astirrup34 you can try using apps like popplet or toontastic for an iPad to generate learning skills among the Ss in an iPad #ukedchat

@MrsThorne     20:20 @JOHNSAYERS no school wifi, and mobile phones officially banned in the classroom #ukedchat

@jwinchester25  20:20 great thing about mobiles devices in SEN is u can take the device 2 the student rather than being constrained to a particular area #ukedchat

@kiwiteacheruk 20:20 Totally love evernote – use when marking to take photos of evidence as I go – more efficient than photocopying/filing! #ukedchat

@syded06 20:21 Use of apps in the classroom blogged here if it helps #ukedchat

@kiwiteacheruk 20:21 Wifi provision has huge effect over effectiveness of mobile devices – this HAS to be sorted before introducing the hardware!!! #ukedchat

@theokk 20:21 @TaniaBloor indeed! notes can be text, audio, video, collaborative work.  discussion  curated. gamed  #ukedchat

@teamjacklin 20:22 @tonycassidy Seems a can of worms waiting to be opened to me. If its damaged in school.. is school liable? #ukedchat

@PetersonJK 20:22 #ukedchat use dropbox to take photos of students work on phone and then share on whiteboard, annotate and discuss. Anyone else use this?

@kvnmcl 20:23 @MrsThorne Why are they banned? Esafety?behaviour? excuses that demonstrate fear of giving control of learning to learners #ukedchat

@syded06 20:24 Even though it costs ExplainEverything is the best interactive whiteboard app as you can re-record verbal mistakes #ukedchat

@literacylender 20:26 @dagza five ipads per I tunes account is what we have found! #ukedchat

@Primary_Ed 20:26 How can children use PSPs in School? #ukedchat #edchat #edtech

@ecarsontc 20:27 @davidhunter QR Codes gr8 4 orienteering #ukedchat

@debbisimpson 20:27 @dukkhaboy  #ukedchat  same thing with  teacher trainees in class the other day: “ooh wish we had a camera to record our posters! “Duh

@DylanBlain 20:27 Any teachers looking for apps in PE, @mrrobbo ‘s PEApps app has a great list which is ever-expanding #ukedchat

@JOHNSAYERS 20:29 How many computer lessons in school are wasted by students browsing the web for research when mobile devices can cut that. #ukedchat

@GeographyCarrie 20:31 A positive for us would be that 100% of our students have a phone, but we as a faculty don’t actually have an ICT room. #ukedchat

@tonycassidy 20:33 #ukedchat worry that if schools can’t provide devices we actively ‘reveal’ the economic inequality between students – aren’t we levellers?

@mrpeel 20:34 #ukedchat using itunes U for 6th form support  anyone else?

@Smichael920 20:34 #ukedchat displays around school have QR codes to take you to further pupil work & blogs. Each class door has QR code linking to class blog

@Kathrynwiki 20:34 #ukedchat in ICT  adding pictures/movies/audio to coursework, scanning designs, as a calculator to check formulas, scanning QR codes

@bucharesttutor 20:34 I use @khanacademy on my iPad and his videos to illustrate better examples in my #math class to emphasize my point #ukedchat

@TaniaBloor 20:34 @PetersonJK #ukedchat or get apple tv which is great with mirroring on.

@joedale 20:35 Colleagues may find my iPad366 podcast an interesting listen for iPad tips and tricks #ukedchat

@JOHNSAYERS 20:35 #ukedchat GEOG RESEARCH zeebox to watch a programme student tweet/facebook each other on a timeline within it. ZITE CURRENT GEOG #ukedchat

@mrpeel 20:35 #ukedchat edmodo

@richards_james 20:35 #ukedchat encouraged pupils to download free app edmodo and converse with one another

@JOHNSAYERS 20:37 Core GEOG T&L apps #ukedchat

@GeographyCarrie 20:37 My GCSE students used their phones to download my youtube revision videos. They listen/watch them while walking to and from school #ukedchat

@LibWithAttitude 20:37: #ukedchat some great creative writing apps on ip*d – StoryCubes, Epic Citadel,APWPrompts, Storyrobe to name just a few

@bucharesttutor 20:37 I also use VoiceThread for a nice conversation sharing with my Ss  #ukedchat

@Primary_Ed 20:38 Ideas for PSPs & DSs in the classroom? share here #ukedchat #edchat #edtech

@JOHNSAYERS 20:38 BLOGGING mobile allows it on field trips #ukedchat

@ICTEvangelist 20:38 #ukedchat eClicker good for student questioning as is socrative.

@judeenright 20:38 #ukedchat ladida good for recording jingles

@LibWithAttitude 20:38 Many school libraries considering/have ip*ds – incredibly powerful for reading promotion – interactive books enthralling 4 kids #ukedchat

@dajbelshaw: 20:40 Mobile Learning infoKit – #ukedchat

@mrlockyer 20:42 #ukedchat Apps I use in class with the iFone  – Mobile mouse, for wireless control of laptop

@JOHNSAYERS 20:42 MY POOR WRITERS RECORD WORK with AUDIO APPS, audioboo, dragon and we work on handwriting to develop that as well as content #ukedchat

@davidhunter 20:42 @ElKel99 people are talking about dodgy android market.surely there’s an app lock app so chn can’t DL unauth. #ukedchat

@TaniaBloor 20:42 #ukedchat I am using anote app with students for A4L, self-assessment and as evidence for levels in primary and secondary.

@JOHNSAYERS 20:42 MY POOR WRITERS RECORD WORK with AUDIO APPS, audioboo, dragon and we work on handwriting to develop that as well as content #ukedchat

@MrPSkelton 20:42 secondary history – researching specific topics/questions in class #ukedchat

@jwinchester25 20:42 puppetpals HD is great animation app – have used for stu to recreate Aesop’s Fables. All the tasks were done on the pad #ukedchat

@ICTEvangelist 20:43 Camera app or free app Air Presenter = free Visualiser when paired with Apple Tv #ukedchat many many many uses there!!

@mattbritland 20:43 #ukedchat StopMotion for iPad 2 is an awesome app. Easy and great fun to use.

@mrlockyer 20:43 #ukedchat – AirProjectorFree – sends any images from your Library onto the IWB

@ufasarah 20:43 havent tried it yet, but planning a photography based challenge which charts a learning journey/project using camera phones & apps #ukedchat

@JOHNSAYERS 20:44 How to draw app has improved many students sketching n confidence to draw also with sky/star gazing popular #ukedchat

@Rossell_ICT 20:44 RT @ICTEvangelist: iPad learning for all ages #ukedchat EYFS

@saturnshark 20:45 #ukedchat top science apps: molecules, star walk, NASA, 3D cellstain, leafsnap HD

@dagza 20:45 @PetersonJK MathBoard is superb #ukedchat

@mrlockyer 20:45 #ukedchat Apps I use, blogpost by me:

@JOHNSAYERS 20:46 Great Art apps out for research and manipulating photos pictures.. Animoto, songify #ukedchat

@ecarsontc 20:46 #ukedchat any1 exploring @ClassDojo I am yet to use well I’m school but idea is brill & is excellent on my phone

@jwinchester25 20:47 Splashtop – great app to remote control PC connected to projector. #ukedchat

@JOHNSAYERS 20:47 I got students to search YouTube for apps use and plenty on web with demonstrations on how to use basic steps if they get lost #ukedchat

@heartofsol 20:48 #ukedchat my three most used apps on android: Evernote, Dropbox and ReadItLater

@JuliaBhamICT 20:48 RT @JOHNSAYERS: #ukedchat tourwrist transform your class room into 1000s of global locations and bring the world to hands. DESCRIBING

@saturnshark 20:48 #ukedchat brainpop is excellent to use during tutor time


@thisisliamm 20:49 @TomSale @TomSale #ukedchat iPod/iPad:

@JOHNSAYERS 20:49 Great app for recording evidence easy assessment show parents video footage of students working kinaesthetically visually/audio #ukedchat

@lps140club 20:49 Yr4/5/6 children trying to find the nation’s favourite #Shakespeare play via their Twitter feed @lps140club What’s yours? #ukedchat

@JOHNSAYERS 20:50 Some more GEOG APPS #ukedchat

@JOHNSAYERS 20:50 Reading apps and assessment apps a great app in pic SCHOOL APP KIT for mobile website building and PE staff outside #ukedchat

@jwinchester25 20:50 Airsketch Free – blank canvas which can be projected via comp on wireless netw. You can project what the stud write on the ip*d #ukedchat

@JOHNSAYERS 20:51 MORE GEOG APPS show live earthquakes development #ukedchat

@Langnut 20:51 I have to say I’ve been inspired to get students to use mobiles to film e.o. talking Spanish/French and assess as h/w. I’m off! #ukedchat

@ufasarah 20:52 @LibWithAttitude i like snapseed, also use phototoaster & photogene alot, slowshutter speed & toy camera fun too. #ukedchat

@joedale 20:52 Check out Hokusai for a free Audacity type of app for recording and editing audio on iPad #ukedchat

@JOHNSAYERS 20:52 REDDPEPPER The narrator of movie advert/trailers get students to make movie soundtrack trailer #ukedchat

@jwinchester25 20:53 Choiceboard Creator – great for SEN students to make choices – create you own boards using pictures text etc. #ukedchat

@JOHNSAYERS 20:53 Animation , i can animate, istopmotion iPad and mobile camera link istopcamera #ukedchat

@ICTEvangelist 20:53 #ukedchat iThoughtsHD is a fab mind mapper for iPad with oodles of learning potential – highly rated

@Smichael920:     20:53    Live blogging from residential visits using iPods-huge catalyst in getting patents engaged #ukedchat they loved being able to keep in touch

@judeenright 20:54 #ukedchat Alan November recommended diigo at #nc11 Have started to use it, slowly.

@ICTEvangelist 20:55 #ukedchat OmniOutliner app for iPad is a fantastic tool. Prob best for KS4/5 though. Really rate it. Well handy.

@jwinchester25 20:55 Popplet – good mindmapping app #ukedchat

@tamjacklin 20:55 Most effective use of iPad/iPhone is installing Impero client on it and passing round roomm watching screen on IWB. Love Impero! #ukedchat

@JOHNSAYERS 20:55 Skitch and educreations are brilliant for labelling a picture a photo map you can get from Dropbox and audio record mini lessons #ukedchat

@mattbritland 20:55 @JOHNSAYERS #ukedchat StopMotion is great too using the inbuilt camera. Nice ghosting effect to make lining up the next frame easy.

@LibWithAttitude 20:56 @ufasarah Great apps , love Hipstamatic, Wordfoto, Photosynth, Photostudio & 100 Cameras too ;0) #ukedchat

@rosieadavies 21:01 @JOHNSAYERS #ukedchat #edmodo life saver safe way to communicate with students.

Tweet of the Week:

@cliffmanning     20:31         student revolution – mini-documentary on how a pupil leads digital change in his school & trains teachers #ukedchat


Archive from the Session:

Ukedchat Archive 02 February 2012

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I am simply a Geographer who is extremely keen on finding as many ways possible for myself and others to embrace Geography and how our planet has developed and will possibly develop naturally and through human growth. The best way I am finding is that through my mobile device and my tablet I can find out so many current issues and people who can influence how I interact with learning and the World.

You can find me on twitter as @JOHNSAYERS I have a number of learning blogs:;;;;;;;;;

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