Session 84: Transition

-Thursday 9th February 2012

Session Summary:
[pullquote]At secondary its gotta be about team building these guys are going to have to work together for five years[/pullquote]

Transition was the topic for tonight’s discussion and the following questions were posed for discussion.

1. What transition activities or programmes do you run?
Many great ideas came out from this such as the importance of running literacy skills and courses between the feeder schools and the secondary ones, building the relationships. This is such an important idea as they will be working together for the next 5-7 years and they will require these skills later in the workplace.

2.What is the importance of transition?
an obvious question, to develop the young, but the message that came across that was if they arrive so they cannot learn then the transition system has failed. Many colleagues from the primary sector commented upon the difficult transition between EYFS to Y1 and Y2 to Y3. Whilst I cannot comment on this without any authority I understand the impact we face when a child doesn’t have the skills or base knowledge to access or progress in the next stage. Cooperation with planning and delivering lessons and assessments is they key to ensuring this is less of an issue in the future, but at what cost?

3. What makes outstanding transition links or materials?
Many good ideas from working with feeder schools with projects from sporting events to secondary teachers going into primary schools to deliver DT, Maths, ICT, French etc and to build links. The idea of Skype calls and the use of Edmodo to introduce the Y6’s to the Y7’s and older years to build relationships between the year groups.

4. What co-operation is required between primary & secondary to improve transition?
The overwhelming answer from the final question of the night was communication, and more than a few teachers in secondary schools being involved in the transition process. The lesson for secondary schools is they must become more involved as they will have to pick up the pieces if things go wrong.


@PhilWheeler1 #ukedchat at secondary its gotta be about teambuilding.these guys are going to have to work together for five years
Judith Enright @judeenright
@Educationchat @philwheeler1 #ukedchat Y7 teacher needed to support L6 assessment in primary, now it is “back” Would also spur on Y7 teacher
Heather Leatt @Heatherleatt
@PhilWheeler1 #ukedchat Collaboration and trust! Too often artificial barriers put in way, like assessment issues… Co-operation key
Matt Oswin @MattOswin
@Educationchat @PhilWheeler1 Teachers from the local secondary visit us and work with groups – maths teacher came in today


@PhilWheeler1 #ukedchat at secondary its gotta be about team building these guys are going to have to work together for five years


Phil Wheeler Head of ICT in a secondary school in Stevenage Hertfordshire. Have had experience of pastoral teams as a HoY and now moved into the curriculum route. Training for a bike ride in the summer. I Teach Business Studies as well as ICT, but the latter is now my major subject.


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