Session 89 – What should be taught to the next generation of trainee teachers?

Session Summary:

The early stages of this discussion began with discussing ‘what do the current crop of teachers need to do well?’  This not only linked to just trainee teachers but evolved into a discussion about the key characteristics of all teachers. Some of the points raised were:

  • Work/life balance
  • Resilience
  • Positive behavior management / Classroom Management
  • Pedagogy
  • Adaptable
  • Innovative
  • Creative to deal with an ever changing world
  • Reflective in practice
  • Communicate with parents

[pullquote]One of the most important pieces of advice which can be taken away from this is the ability to take risks[/pullquote]From this initial bombardment of ideas of what a good teacher should be, the conversion moved towards debating some of these issues and looking at them analytically. But one of the most important pieces of advice which can be taken away from this is the ability to take risks. In having the time to make mistakes, one can learn; but only through the concept of having a  good support system can this take place. Another area of that was discussed was the concept of assessment. Some users pointed out that many Newly Qualified Teacher (NQTs) have no knowledge of assessment, such as APP. It was suggested at university different examples should be addressed and practised so a trainee teacher and a NQT are well prepared in an essential element of teaching. But is this possible with continual education reform?

Subject knowledge verse pedagogy created a big debate about what trainee teachers should be taught. Essentially, some of the questions raised were: how do we prioritize between all subjects when training time is limited? And the facts are so easily available in the 21st Century, so should be taught how to facilitate rather than deliver content?

Beyond the course, there were many suggestions about what trainee teachers do for continual professional development. Twitter was mentioned as an invaluable tool, a very relevant comment on such a topic as this! And for trainee teachers to take as many opportunities to get involved, both in and out of the university and school. For trainee teachers it is about taking a responsibility to engage with professional discourse at university and in school, you need to have a desire to want to learn and develop.

Many of the discussions tonight are relevant for new, old and trainee teachers. Hope you all enjoyed the discussion as much as I had!


@ICTmagic New (& old) teachers must realise that learning happens everywhere. Jump on opportunities. Follow their interests & be curious. #ukedchat

@MrsGrealis People underestimate how hard it is for an NQT to deal with someone 20 years older than them. #ukedchat

@alexgingell  Lots of innovative students like you and @amyparkinbed who I was reading about in @tesPrimary today!

@nickotkdIV #ukedchat time to make mistakes (should carry on through out profession. experiementing with teaching!

@HilaryNunns The next generation will understand the 21st century students! Pedagogy and classroom management #ukedchat

@bramleyapplecc To know what pedagogy underpins their style, what theoretical models challenge and inspires them! To know who they are! #ukedchat

@DKeano1985 To embrace that times are changing and innovation is required #ukedchat

@super_sixfive #ukedchat my question what should/could the new trainee teachers teach me! They always bring new ideas and ways of doing things

@PCampbell91 #ukedchat Creativity, innovation, failure, success, critical, flexible, relevant, sustainable, networking, cross sector, collaborative.

@syded06 Too much educational theory not enough application #ukedchat

@raisechildrens #ukedchat I also think students should teach in a variety of contexts, inner city, leafy lane, SEN, as well as primary/secondary.

@Ramsay71 Allow student teachers to take risks, experiment even if link tutor does not feel comfortable #ukedchat” #EPS2UOGThemeWeek

@MariamAlhashmi New teachers need to start every school day by reminding themselves: “”mistakes are wonderful opportunities to learn”” #ukedchat

@trainieteacher #ukedchat It’s not just about what tt’s need to be taught. They need to take responsibility for their own learning. It’s not ok to be average.

@mooshtang I think a lot of the comments I’ve read tonight apply to all teachers, not just new ones #ukedchat”

@ethinking #ukedchat students need to know there are no absolute right agendas – its all shades of grey driven by ideologies & politics


@DeputyMitchell The #Feb29th blog received over 12,000 posts with upwards of 400,000 hits from 120 countries and 3000 comments #success


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