Session 92 – Flip or flop? What are the best techniques to support a flipped model?

Session Summary

The early stages of the discussion centred on the defining of what a Flipped Classroom or Flipped Model actually was. A number of good definitions were floated around but after ten minutes or so of this, it was clear that people still weren’t too sure.

As the debate moved on, it was clearly a polar debate. These are some of the key points that were raised:

– Flipped learning is not new

– People don’t know much about it
– Some people were very clear about how it could be used to support learning
– Many saw flipped learning as a label for learning which wasn’t needed
– Many saw flipped learning as a way of making classroom time more engaging and purposeful
– Technology plays a role in supporting a flipped classroom
– Videos are not the sole means by which a flipped model should work
– Tablets can seriously improve the success of a flipped model
– A successful flipped model involves aspects of AfL / varying pedagogical approaches / differentiation / group work and ultimately the purposeful support of the students in the classes.


To sum up, some teachers left inspired with ideas to move forward in their own practice, some left looking at the flipped learning idea as a fad and a rebranded one at that. The key thing I think everyone left thinking about though was (and this I feel was most important) that the time spent in the classroom should be as purposeful as possible. Something which leads to a point where ‘flipping the classroom’ could make homework, homework ‘plus’; where it is more engaging and that students could spend time in the classroom reinforcing and deepening their learning more than they would do otherwise.

The session was fast paced and considering the teachers taking part were on their holidays, it reinforced to me something that I’ve known for a while; teachers on Twitter are the best of the bunch. As @CanonOPP mentioned about feeling a bit bruised after the debate, the passion, dedication and professionalism of the teachers involved in the discussion tonight was superb.


@thinkingin140: I interpret as flipping the classroom open – providing links to prior learning so development takes priority #ukedchat

@PeterSpencer88 where children take charge of their learning. Where teachers don’t lecture but support learning #ukedchat

@largerama #ukedchat havin experimented with a flipped model and can say that it requires a lot of planning and teacher student dialogue to shape it

@Saltcreature #ukedchat Totally I think teachers should be rethinking the way we teach.

@jamesmichie #ukedchat I’d suggest that we need to work towards a blended model that is not tied specifically to video.

@James_Bowkett Flipped learning gives pre-lesson homework real focus, preparing for the lesson questions with teacher there to help students.#ukedchat

@James_Bowkett Choose students each lesson randomly to summarise the flipped homework prior to students leading the analysis Qs. #ukedchat

@elkel99 #ukedchat you always learn more by teaching others. It takes pupils from passive to active

@ICTwitz I think what is at the crux of this #ukedchat is the lack of national debate and investment into the bigger pedagogy debate.

@ICTMagic I think that a good teacher should have already made this adjustment. Guiding rather than showing. #ukedchat

@ElKel99 we’d be pretty poor teachers if we weren’t still learners #ukedchat

@CanonsOPP #ukedchat It allows lower order (Blooms) to be done before lesson. Allows lesson to apply, analyse, synthesise, evaluate. Brilliant

@largerama Not sayin shud be blendd but true flippd model is application in lesson of knowledge learned out of lesson#ukedchat

@passionateaboot For true learning it is individual, so does it matter whether it’s alone or in a social or school environment? #ukedchat

@riley_ed  I think there has to be an element of preparing students for further study, where learning is closer to flipped model #ukedchat

@gideonwilliams Model of sage on stage needs to take a back step- knowledge based curriculum (at KS4) does not promote different model of T&L #ukedchat

@largerama #ukedchat essential to consider when using flipped, 1) how u can monitor whether the out of lesson elements hav been done

@syded06 the flipped class has been helped by the presence of tablets in the classroom #ukedchat

@ElKel99 #ukedchat should we be timetabling study time for pupils, to promote independent learning in school? It’s done elsewhere

@gideonwilliams Pupil ownership & personalisation of learning critical for “”flipped”” model to succeed. Using 21C (digital) tools critical IMHO #ukedchat

@James_Bowkett #ukedchat Flipping better than teacher delivering knowledge then casting students off to get stuck on questions home alone. Homework+

@gideonwilliams Interesting that successful “”flipped”” models happen in North America with different curriculum model and increased contact time #ukedchat

@peter8green Good point!! “@James_Bowkett: #ukedchat Flipping better than students reading or watching a video whilst paid teacher watches them.”

@CanonsOPP My first ever #ukedchat and I am already hooked. A bit bruising at times, but that’s what educational debate shd be!!

@riley_ed  No, but iPads do make content creation a hell of a lot easier, both for teachers and students #ukedchat

@CanonsOPP #ukedchat noticing that some people here have fought against flipping but are off to give it a go. Love that abt teachers.

@JamesMichie Final thought: If u listen to ur students, focus on AfL & plan from there, u can have this sort of learning every day! #ukedchat”


@gideonwilliams Pupil ownership & personalisation of learning critical for “flipped” model to succeed. Using 21C (digital) tools critical IMHO #ukedchat


@ICTEvangelist: Provocation:

@timbuckteeth: What the flip?


@gideonwilliams Flipped Classrooms and Video as Homework


Mark Anderson is Subject Leader of ICT at Clevedon School, North Somerset. He has been teaching for 15 years and is currently leading on Teaching & Learning related to the 1:1 deployment of iPads. He regularly organises TeachMeets at #TMClevedon the next one of which is on May 3rd 2012. He writes a personal weblog ( on Teaching & Learning and how this can be advanced through the use of technology and is an active member of the educational Twitter community.

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