Session 95 – Can we salvage the reputation of ICT as a subject in schools?

Session Summary

The topic was intentionally provocative and needless to say that opinions were split from the outset. Many chatters thought that ICT needed changing, but this was underway. Other participates thought that ICT needs to move far away from its current focus. The discussion that followed ranged from narrowing the scope of ICT to widening the field to encompass a huge area of computer science, designing, coding and applications in all areas of the curriculum and life.

The title of ICT came into question and many alternative ideas were suggested, all with supports and detractors, as no one term seemed to line up with everybody’s view of what ICT should be and how to move things forward. The notion of ICT as a discreet subject was discussed and there were advocates on both sides.

There was a large call for more coding to happen within schools, but many participates were cautious to say that non-specialists would have difficulty and that the model of MFL could be adopted, where experts come into the classroom if the skills are not available in house.

For technology, we are living in exciting times. Never before have devices been so ubiquitous and relied upon. What ever final shape ICT takes in the future, it is certain that it is changing as society changes. Will the ICT always lag behind the wider world? That decision is in front of us now.


@MrAColley: Specialists. It’s been an ‘anybody can do it’ subject for too long #ukedchat

@afmissgillespie: If we don’t teach the skills and give ICT opportunities in school what happens to those children that cant access it at home? #ukedchat

@SheliBB: @mrlockyer @digitalmaverick in primary you can *mostly* teach skills in context, so tech is a learning tool rather than a subject #ukedchat


@Jon_Torbitt: @digitalmaverick @dmandrews15 it’s the process not the tools that matter – a true craftsman can make their own tools #ukedchat


Drew Buddie (@digitalmaverick) is a learning technologist, educational speaker, a Teachmeet regular and a member of Naace.

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