Session 100 – The New Inspection: how formative is it and how should Ofsted develop in the future?’

-[pullquote]Should Ofsted be a friendly mentor or a stern judge?[/pullquote]

Session Summary
When I set the topic it had been quite relevant for me as I had been involved in a number of inspections. By the time it came to set the homework over on The Head’s Office I wasn’t sure how it would be received. I did get some good wishes and suggestions to wear my tin helmet and I had set a given that Ofsted are here to stay at least for the foreseeable future so could folks behave!

…and they did! The discussion was very professional and although some vented their anger at the system, overall it was a positive discussion about why the present system doesn’t work and how it could be improved.

The main bone of contention seemed to be the demeanour of the team and the seemingly impossible job to provide an accurate judgement after such a short time at school. There was also concern that everything is focused on data, standards and test results.

There was a brief exchange about no notice inspections with many saying that if your practice is good there is nothing to fear.

There were some excellent suggestions for improvement which can be seen in the tweets below. Some actually suggest that the team need to be in school longer so that the inspectors can get to know staff and offer specific suggestions for improvement.

Overall the theme was for there to be more of a two-way discussion, the teams should have teachers who have recent classroom experience and SLT should not put so much pressure on staff prior to the inspection.

@mrpeel: #ukedchat idea 1 schools move towards reflective dialogic communities – autonomous

@raisechildrens: #ukedchat children should set the Ofsted criteria as they know how they want the school to be!

@traceyab1: #ukedchat just had a fab ofsted inspection team – put us at ease and got the best from everyone in doing so! Made it much nicer process.

@MrTomtheteacher: #ukedchat A thought; could OFSTED drop in a few times a year, rather than one high pressure week? Would get better picture. #randomsampling

@Blenkaz: #ukedchat why not have realistic current outstanding teachers visit schools to obs and offer general feedback to schools?

@nickotkdlV: @norfolkshine OFSTED should be more of a two way communication #ukedchat

@Mad_teach: #ukedchat short notice – less time to panic! And if ur doin a good job everyday, does it matter when they come???

@digitaldaisies: @TheHeadsOffice That is the problem with OFSTED set up – not designed to disseminate ideas, just to judge #ukedchat

@nickotkdlV: #ukedchat i believe OFSTED people should be given time to work in school to allow this Best Practice to be shared!

@MichelleDhillon: @canonsopp @mrpeel Would Ofsted be like John Torode or Gregg Wallace? #ukedchat

@Langnut: @CanonsOPP @mrpeel @michelledhillon difference is critics can’t close a restaurant if the customers still keep coming! #ukedchat

@mrpeel: #ukedchat idea 2 inspectors to be drawn from teaching community a la jury service (nicked that one)


@ePaceonline: #ukedchat Should Ofsted be a friendly mentor or a stern judge?


I’m Julia skinner otherwise known as @theheadsoffice. Retired HT who has set up the 100 Word Challenge and is busier now than ever! Loves linking with educators in all aspects of learning for our youngsters.


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