Session 102 – CPD: How does it work in your school?

Session Summary
[pullquote]CPD = vital, often neglected +poorly done / paid lip service. Vital to success andthe future of everything” @Jon_Torbitt [/pullquote]

Tonight’s #ukedchat was about CPD and it was fast, frenetic and hugely informative. We even turned ourselves into a trending topic despite the football being on at the same time (whoop!)

People shared many thoughts about how CPD does and should work in schools and other educational establishments. The message that came across loud and clear is that, as a profession, we are committed to developing ourselves in order to impact the learning of our pupils.

In the selection of highlighted tweets, I have tried to showcase a wide selection of the best practice which was discussed during the session. There were numerous models of CPD discussed, from Teachmeet style INSET days to collaborative planning. I was interested to note that many schools seem to use the collaborative planning model, as this is something I am keen to see introduced at my current school. I also loved the idea of the late start one school has every second Friday, to accommodate a staff training session. A welcome change from the (often!) wearisome twilight session!

Lesson observations were highlighted as a powerful CPD tool, as was coaching. It seemed that an overriding sentiment was that we need to harness the expertise and skills of our colleagues before resorting to the more formulaic death-by-PowerPoint training so often delivered by external providers.

In the current climate of political and media attacks on teacher professionalism, it was heartening to read everyone’s fulsome commitment to developing themselves and their colleagues. I doubt there are many professions where so many people would voluntarily give up an hour of their evening to engage with fellow colleagues and thus develop themselves professionally.

CPD? It’s alive and well on Twitter on a weekly basis!

Do read the archive of tonight’s session. There were so many great ideas and points for discussion raised that a summary really can’t do it justice.


@urban_teacher: Getting departments to lead on the things that work for them is a great CPD experience!

@cherrylkd: #ukedchat good CPD should be driven by the SDP which makes it relevant to staff immediate needs.

@janshs: #ukedchat we have 4 strands(weekly meetings) with leading practitionersorganising events – all invited 2 contribute ideas

@Badgerove: @dylanwiliam’sTeacher learning communities have had impact atour school.We’ve done 3 yrs of them

@Janeh271: Teachmeets are great for cpd but you only get the staff who are enthusiastic and it’s often others who need the cpd #ukedchat

@Mat6453 Best INSET was when we were given chance to visit other schools and see what works there, then share that back

@CanonsOPP: I’m finding twitter an amazing CPD tool. This account has half of staff following. As a result SOLObrought in from bottom up.

@Jon_Torbitt: Tie to PM – have to teach one great new u learnt thing back to the staff each year to qualify! Works in business!

@peterweal: #ukedchat anyone else out there doing Lesson Study? It’s the best form of teacher CDP with really pedagogical outcomes.

@kayeejay1: This year we have abandoned homespun Cpd sessions to work in pairs planning lessons that usethese ideas. Has worked well. #ukedchat

@data_fiend: Best CPD includes time to apply what you learn practically, greater choice and less death byPowerPoint, or *shudder* role play #ukedchat

@cherrylkd: #ukedchat my personal best CPD was MA. Tailored to suit me & my strengths and prepared me for SLT.Very relevant & could pass on ideas 2 sch

@aknill: #ukedchat – we have a weekly staff workshop -whole staff or split into depths, yr teams, houseteams … Most training days now twilights.

@MrDooleyUK: In other industries people go on secondments (e.g NHS, financial services etc..). Could teachers notswap jobs for a week or so? #ukedchat

@urban_teacher: Great Virtual CPD…..5 min presentation on workwells in their lessons, footage uploaded on the VLE for staff to use! #ukedchat

@eslweb: SLT need to understand how to do a good TrainingNeeds Analysis. Shocked that they are not done inschools. #ukedchat

@dailydenouement: We’re currently putting together a video of T&L bestpractice for CPD session – strengths from lesson obs being demonstrated. Fun! #ukedchat

@data_fiend: We have just started a coachingprogramme – staff identified through obs and self assess. Much more tailored #ukedchat

@TheBenHorbury: Staff realising that observations are in the main to help will increase collaboration and in turn improve internal CPD coaching #ukedchat

@CanonsOPP: INSET later this month in hands of 6 non-SLT staff, 2 of who are NQTs. It’s going to be fab. #ukedchat

@JonTorbitt: Best CPD – observe others, take great things from how they work, tell it back to everyone as a story, NO PPT! #ukedchat

@MissAPatterson: Could the online environment (a VLE) be used for part of the CPD process to encourage staff to share good practice? #ukedchat

@EmathsUK: #ukedchat CPD should be a prolonged experience,say a few terms minimum, giving time for enquiry and reflection on student outcomes

@Janeh271: It’s important that staff trust the people running the cpd and are prepared to be honest about their needs

@EmathsUK: #ukedchat Hopefully everyonealready knows about the Teacher DevelopmentTrust? Driving up standards in CPD

@Mat6453: we do Professional projects every year, study into something that we are interested in then present to staff #ukedchat

@fullonlearning: #ukedchat action research & enquiry generatesfantastic opportunities to develop & reflect whenunderpinned by a ‘coaching sandwich’

@rpwillan: #ukedchat I personally would like more time to plan with each other, teach/osbserve each other as we have so much expertise on site!

@lizdudley: #ukedchat how do we measure the impact of these CPD events? I certainly have been using things that I have learnt, but is that true for all?

@LGolton: #ukedchat. Research says CPD is most effective when given time to practice,share and evaluate. Do SLT read the research or expect quick fix?

@richards_james: #ukedchat in Flintshire we have Subject forums good for CPD as teachers in County can come together and discuss their subjects and share

@CalvinKipling: I like @dylanwiliam’s TLC ideas and the collegiate approach to self improvement as a teacher.#ukedchat

@GilchristGeorge: #ukedchat Need an ethos and culture where it isseen as OK to admit what you don’t know or understand. Then find ways forward together.

@simfin: In some schools there’s an element of tokenism.They book me for esafety for staff, an ofsted req’t, & ask me to ‘do it quickly’ #ukedchat

@mister_jim: the best CPD was when I realised I could take control of it myself. I learnt what I wanted & broadened my horizons #ukedchat

@HilaryNunns: There should be mandatory refresher CPD such as pedagogy/differentiation and behaviour

@EP3577: #ukedchat It’s risky, but worth it (honest) getting children to say how you can improve and to teach lessons to show you really supports CPD.

@UFAorg: CPD needs to be inspiring, innovative and reflective. It’s a space to try new theories, practice, practice & practice #ukedchat

@lizdudley: #ukedchat send staff out andabout to see what’s happening in other schools andcolleges, we get too comfortable.

@LearningSpy: #ukedchat More school leaders should cover colleagues’ lessons to allow them to observe eachother. Observing lessons is a privilege.


Too many to pick just one tweet of the week, so here’s a few thoughts that resonated with me:

@janeh271: We have cpd Every second Friday E2F when pupilscome in at 11 and staff train 8.30 – 10.30

@peterweal: #ukedchat If you go on a course and don’t implement anything from it within one week you never will….

@EMathsUK: #ukedchat £900million spend on teacher CPD, with little impact at student level. PD really in bad condition in UK

@GilchristGeorge: #ukedchat If there is no impact, or improved outcomes for pupils, it’s not worth doing. Trouble is lots of CPD activities have no impact.

@mattharding007: #ukedchat Best CPD is where teachers teach teachers – rather than people who used to be teachers many years ago.

@EmathsUK: #ukedchat Sadly CPD is often a badly co-ordinated afterthought in schools. Need a CPD expert in every school who understands effective PD.

@CanonsOPP: Best INSET (not CPD) was having whole staff scattered to schools across country then having dayback at school to share finding.

@Jon_Torbitt: CPD = vital, often neglected +poorly done / paid lip service. Vital to success andthe future of everything #ukedchat


And from a purely self-congratulatory angle… Go #ukedchat!


@vicksytoria1: #ukedchat 5th trend worldwide! Crikey! X


@andywhiteway is it just me or is #ukedchat no.1 TT in UK?

I’m Clare (@dailydenouement). I teach English in a secondary school in Liverpool. I’m interested in improving both my teaching and the learning of my pupils. #ukedchat is a phenomenal resource and I’m grateful for the opportunity it has given me to connect with inspirational educators.

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