Session 111: What is the legacy of 2012 going to be?

Session Title: What is the legacy of 2012 going to be?

Date: Thursday 16th August 2012

Hosted by: @TheHeadsOffice



Prompted by ‘The ‘L’ Word –

Discussion was around the well heralded legacy of the Olympic games with a particular focus on how schools could help, what they would need and identifying the other establishments / associations that can help. Generally, the feeling was that schools should encourage children to be fit and encourage them to take part in sport. Among the themes were whether there should be a competitive edge to it and how you go about teaching children how to fail. Another thread was that of a cross curricular approach where PSHE, citizenship, RE join to promote the positive vibe that came out of the Olympics.

Concern was expressed not only about the facilities that would be needed but also the time available if there was a statutory amount of time children did PE. Where would it go in the curriculum? Suggestions were made & links offered about sports clubs that are happy to share facilities. There was a brief exchange about professional football and how the players are not the same role models as Olympians.

Overall, the feeling was that schools would embrace this opportunity but would need support in the way of finance and certainly need to retain their playing fields!

Notable Tweets from the Session:

  • @djtom3 inter school Olympics a great idea-also involving performing arts, design, enterprise etc etc #ukedchat
  • We need to ensure children know about things like this: #ukedchat
  • @redgierob:60 second countdown BBC used for the Olympics. Download it to use as a class timer here #ukedchat
  • #ukedchat Another example of external support for gettting active (mostly secondary and adults):
  • love this – we can do it too! #ukedchat with lots of enthusiastic teachers and we do have them! Just..ask! Parents too
  • #ukedchat An olympian linked to a group of schools. Children knowing and seeing role model will have more impact than talking about them!
  • #ukedchat I think main thing I’ve thought tonight is go for quality rather than quantity with regards pe.
  • Sir Steve’s thoughts? Really inspirational.…
  • This is a great piece bout footballers v Olympians!… #ukedchat

Tweet of the week:

The Olympic legacy? Unity, volunteering, importance of hard work and dedication and a closer linked curriculum #ukedchat

About your host:

I’m a retired head teacher in Bristol who is on her second learning journey! I am the founder of 100 Word Challenge and Blog Dipping both of which serve to link children with the world!


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