Session 116: Classroom displays: Who are they for?

-Date: Thursday 20th September 2012

Hosted by: @joelittlewood

Summary of the Session:
A mixture of displays both the culmination and the journey of learning ensures children see its not just about the finished piece” @RobsNiceLife

The discussion on this topic just goes to show that there just isn’t enough wall space to show everything we want to, or need to show in the classroom… so much so that teachers are using innovative and interesting ways to expand their learning environments; digiframes displaying a rolling slide shows of work, QR codes linking to online displays, desktop screen savers and wallpapers, blogs and live twitter feeds all being used.

There was some debate about who the displays are for, the general concensus being that displays in the classroom should be used as a tool to further the learning of children. Working walls, topic displays and walls showcasing work of a high standard fill our classrooms, though the corridors tend to reflect the ethos of the school and outstanding work.

As there are a range of approaches to classroom displays it would be wrong to try and define a perfect display, each teacher and school have their own prefered means. What can be said tough (judging from the tweets) is that most agreed that displays should be child centred and further learning, and that primary schools lead the way on this and secondaries could take some inspiration from this.

Notable Tweets from the Session:
It depends where a display is as to its audience, classroom displays should be works in progress documenting learning #ukedchat

#ukedchat I see a lot of displays ‘for the kids’ that just become wall paper. They need to be refreshed often and used

#ukedchat I often think sec schools should take inspirations from prim. Schools with displays in classrooms v. Creative & inspiring

#ukedchat The quality of display can say a lot about a school. It can act as a powerful first impression about standards and expectations

Displays need to be live, dynamic, fun… more impt that being ‘text book perfect’ for Ofsted. Nothing shld be done just 4 Ofsted #ukedchat

You change your desktop background and you’ll be surprised how many children notice. Even just the one on teacher’s PC #ukedchat

@MiltonSchwarz I agree. A well displayed piece of work with smart backing shows your sch has high expectations & standards #ukedchat

See the best displays from enthusiastic #NQT s Check out angular rainbows with @kegteacher #ukedchat

Modelling the use of displays while teaching is important and ensures children do the same #ukedchat

mixture of displays both the culmination and the journey of learning ensures children see its not just about the finished piece #ukedchat

#ukedchat I devote a whole board to a curriculum map of the topic and how it fits together. Easy reference for HT and parents and children

#ukedchat I feel there is conflict btwn displays looking good for parents and visitors and displays that are child centred

I let my yr6 class do their own display once. They glued a huge Tudor ship painting to a very expensive hessian display board #ukedchat

@joelittlewood Me too. Display should be for current class. Last years’ class learning is irrelevant to new class. #ukedchat

Displays are powerful when they tell a story of learning or progress #ukedchat

@ICTmagic Primary new build. Have a 5m dry wipe teaching wall with interactive proj’s, then others curved/semi open-plan. #ukedchat

#ukedchat my recent teacher training said keep learning information at the front of the class and students’ work at the back or corridors

#ukedchat if you are double mounting you can’t actually get on with anything meaningful, but you can convince yourself you are working hard

Tweet of the Week
mixture of displays both the culmination and the journey of learning ensures children see its not just about the finished piece #ukedchat


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Joe Littlewood @joelittlewood is a 35 year old NQT working in a two form entry infant school in North Sheffield as a Y1 teacher. Prior to emabarking upon his teaching career he worked for 10 years in arts venue programming and management.


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