Session 120: What can we do to help children with autism to get on at school?

Session Title: What can we do to help children with autism to get on at school?
Date: Thursday 18th October 2012

Summary of the Session:
[pullquote]I have yet to meet an ASD child that isn’t totally awesome in their own unique way and that is why I love my job![/pullquote]
Training at Unis
There was a lot of chat about training at Unis for student teachers for autism @plymuniprimary said they have specialist SEN pathway for primary and all students get significant input in SEN and as I hope to be a future trainee teacher i have seen a few other Unis doing that when I have looked on there website and I think that’s great as some want to jump into the SEN area after finishing uni and I think with uni giving a specialist SEN pathway they will be even more experienced when they go into the SEN area of teaching after uni.

But another tweet said by ?@nickotkdIV said – more ITT training need i think.. make people more aware and experienced of the difficulties. Which I do agree as more does need to be done as I think even if you don’t do a SEN specialist pathway you should do at least something on it over the 3 years each year and so many times that year to keep going over it as they more experienced of the difficulties the better teacher you will be.

More training needs to be out there and awareness of it
there was also a lot of chat about training in general and I didn’t think there was much training out there but it doesn’t out I’m wrong well sort as you really by the sounds of things you need to be a teacher to access it I think but anyhow more awareness of it needs to be done.

?@charlotteec27 said I agree, increasing opportunities for student teachers to gain experience within SEN settings would be great – I totally agree with this tweet as student teachers maybe still training or just finished may not be able to access the training but experience for student teachers and teachers in general and support staff to gain experience within SEN settings would be great.

@Kezmerrelda said All teachers need training in ASD. I have had at least 1 diagnosed ASD child in my class every year in last ten& my own y8 son ASD
Which is another tweet I agree with which goes back to my starting point if you don’t do the SEN pathway how are you going to deal with children with ASD, Autism etc which is why I totally with the above tweet.

@pigsmightfly said – volunteered to look after ASD child, as was being passed from pillar to post put my self on Autism course with OU
That’s one of getting some sort of experience with ASD children etc and that person is amazing for doing that but I bet you there are calls out for lots of more people to do that. Well done Beth

Some good ideas in general
@jodieworld said – University of Surrey provide a fantastic initiation programme for ASD students joining them. They helped bro loads #ukedchat
I have put this tweet as I feel it very important as it’s amazing that a uni is doing something like that. I hope many more follow in there suit.

@HilaryNunns said this Best advice for transition to college, visit many times before starting. Provide a buddy, safe place and lists #ukedchat
One of the great many of ideas that were listed. Transition will be hardy for them so I agree you should provide a buddy for them and make sure that buddy is a real friend as from my experience primary school they all came to me saying they weren’t. safe place to another good transition idea so when at the start they a corner to go to when they upset or just want to get away and lists so they know what they will be going on in the day.

@urban_teacher said – Autism is a complex difficulty! But as a teacher you need to speak to parent, SENco and specialist #ukedchat
I can relate this as I only know a bit about autism but this chat has opened me up to it all and I totally agree it’s a complex difficulty and you need to talk to the parents, SENCo and other specialist people to learn more and more about it and the child to help them get the best out of school.

@ukcreativeed said – Careful consideration should be given to spontaneous changes (e.g. cover lesson / end of scheme) to allow everyone to feel prepared. #ukedchat
Another great idea/point and a lot of chat were about spontaneous changes and to make sure everyone not just the children with difficulties is prepared for the changes.

?@SheliBB said – read lots about autism, listen to the parents, get to know the child, reflect on everything #ukedchat
Another good point about learning more about autism and try and learn as much about it as you can and reflect on it so it reflect your lesson in a good way.

As whole how schools do with autism
@jodieworld said – Just coming into #ukedchat late but my lil bro who has Asperser’s ended up home educated due to lack of help/provision and bullying at sch
I personally think that is disgraceful that bullying gets that’s bad that a parent has to take there child out of school and end up being home educated due to lack of help and provision too. We should teach the other children to accept them for who they starting from an early age as I think there is a lot more bullying about in secondary but I’m shocked even more at the next part of that where @jodieworld said this

@jodieworld Yep and unfortunately the teachers joined in and made it worse for him 🙁 #ukedchat Now doing great at uni though 🙂
I’m not sure about but I’m shocked even more at that and I hope those teachers got sacked they are supposed to be showing an example as like @SparkyTeaching Well when your teachers are against you, what chance have you got. We’re the advocates for these kids. #ukedchat

@bekblayton said – it varies widely from school to school #ukedchat
Yeah I think too some school are great at dealing with the autism and some aren’t.

These are some more points people about as a whole do school deal with autism

@Llylia said – No. Too many teachers have overloaded classes & time needed to ensure SEN students esp those with autism is too much 🙁 #ukedchat

@Mscatherineanne said – no. in my experience a child has to be causing serious disruption to others before time/money is invested in solutions #ukedchat

@GeographyCarrie said – In ours it depends on whether the student is statemented or not… #ukedchat

All those points make a sad reading really and its true too many teachers do have overloaded classes I think your supposed have 30 max something like that but I think some do have more than at but I think that comes down to the head? The other points make me sad too money just be spent before is causing serious disruption. It shouldn’t come to that but also some of that isn’t the school fault it’s the government too but I do think some do that and its wrong if they have the money they just spend it wisely on helping the children think of it this way if it was your child you want the best for them. And the 3rd points I don’t know much about but I do think its true in some schools once they have statement then they get the help but I think weather they that or on if the child has autism they should give them some support. I’m not sure what others think of that?
Sorry I couldn’t find any good points on do schools deal with autism well although I’m sure many are out there that are great I couldn’t find any tweet saying things along those lines but if there was and I missed I’m sorry.

?@nickotkdIV said – the school i have worked in are indifference. some school just seem to put them with a TA.. #ukedchat
@nickotkdIV said – i hate to see chd just given TA support – this isn’t always what is needed – address the issues! 🙁
this comes also down to how some school deal with it some do great and some don’t and as nick says here and above some just give them a TA and don’t get me wrong they should be given a TA if appropriate but also has he says in his 2nd post that isn’t what is needed try to address the issues if you come

Final thoughts and thank yous.
@tes_SEN said – #ukedchat I think it’s also fair to say that any supportive community, be it Twitter, TES, FB or similar, can make a difference #ukedchat
I totally agree and I have seen over the last year or so twitter is definitely a supportive community and many of you I now consider to be friends like …..

Tweets of the Week
@SparkyTeaching said – Realise for these children little things = big. Once found out that a buzzing light above a child’s head had affected him all term
So remember those little things during your teaching which shouldn’t take too long will make an impact like this

@pigsmightfly said – I have yet to meet an ASD child that isn’t totally awesome in their own unique way and that is why I love my job!
That’s what great about ASD kids etc as they have amazing talents in something like naming all the birds that there Is and I think they are unique in there own there way.

@GeographyCarrie said – Any tips for building positive relationships between ASD student & others in her class. Lots of negativity btwn them at the moment #ukedchat
This is the biggest thing I wanted that come from this chat. Someone asking a question it may seem quite a small thing but this chat all about sharing ideas

Useful links
Here are some great videos to watch to learn more about autism the two I have done review for you so you can decide to watch it . enjoy ?

this was posted by @Kezmerrelda. this is a video on YouTube called Autism and Me and it explains in basic terms about autism through Rory Hoy world. Here is the YouTube info – Rory Hoy takes us on a journey through his world and explains autism along the way.

this was posted by @MumForAutism and it shows what autism can be like for some children and to my answer to the end of the video I don’t know what I would if I do that going on but it was an eye opener
The YouTube information is CAUTION: This video may be a trigger for those on the Autism Spectrum! I have Aspersers. You can follow me on Twitter @AspergerSadie and visit my website and subscribe to my facebook, I want to let others know that while this example is one of the reasons for my meltdowns and shutdowns, it is also an advantage because I can use it to help alert others to things they don’t hear, or keep myself safe.…
i heard this is quite I haven’t watched it before but @mat_harte posted the link and I have heard about and I think it’s worth a watch.

here are some good links I have found from the session review of it again is at the bottom of it.
here are some really good British sign language resources that hopefully will help your child in your class or your child. Sorry I couldn’t find who posted this by @tes_SEN
a fanatic poster made by TES of top 5 tips supporting students in the classroom with autism by @tes_SEN
some great autism awareness done by TES by @mccann_lynn
this is a great blog about tips for supporting, living with and finding joy in autism and learning disabilities. Have a read of the 2nd post called Why am I writing about Autism? It’s amazing I hope many more will do the same like what she has done. by @mccann_lynn
here is another great link of free resources that will help in the classroom and home posted by @mccann_lynn and she said this about it another great source of free resources is . Search for all their free curriculum symbol supported staff.

About your Host
Hi my name is Tom I’m a 19 years old and I have special needs but I never let that get in my away as I’m a student Open university and I’m hoping to be doing an autism course next starting in November. I will soon be start voluntary as learning mentor in a primary school and I hope to go on and becoming a primary school teacher in the future. And I’m also soon going to be training for badminton for the Olympics in 2016.

I chose this chat as I’m really passionate about autism because I have special needs myself and I would like to help others with autism get the best out of school they can but I’m no expect a it at the moment I’m still learning about but I wanted to chat about it so everyone could learn from it in the ukedchat and I think I have managed to do that last night and thanks everyone for joining in

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