Session 126: What is an appropriate ICT curriculum?

Thursday 22nd November 2012

Session Title: What is an Appropriate ICT curriculum


Date: Thursday 22nd November 2012


Summary of the Session:
Children today are proclaimed to be the first truly digital generation; a generation that appears to have everything at its fingertips. The wealth of games, pictures, videos, music and books that they can get their hands on with very little effort is something that previous generations could only dream of. So the main question at the moment is what an appropriate ICT curriculum?


Tonight’s discussion is deciphering what is appropriate curriculum for ICT and how it should perceived and understood in educational world. Tonight discussion seems to focus on three elements which is keeping the ICT curriculum challenging, fun and engaging.


These elements could be broken down into programming, digital literacies, computer science, apps and computer technology. But it seems these things are the current technologies that people are  using in the outside too. The great discourse on the ICT curriculm is debatable but it seems keeping ICT challenging, fun and engaging is the way forward.


Notable Tweets
@IamStephReed – an appropriate ICT curriculum must incorporate up to date technology #ukedchat


@tmeeky – I don’t think it’s about tools and software (these will perm chng)… I think it’s more about concepts and purposes (more stable) #ukedchat


@ICT in its current form can be taught throughout the curriculum but we might need to introduce more programming type things in ICT?#ukedchat


@JulieTavender – #Ukedchat what should year three chn be learning?I teach email, blogging, story boarding, social media, use of publisher


Tweet of the Week
@MrG_ICT – Curiculum designed by you guys #ukedchat Maybe we start and update wiki with examples and ideas.We lead the way not Gove.


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@urban_teacher – M.ed, ICT Teacher, ICT Consultant, Music Producer, Youth Leader. Sharing my everyday experiences with the twitter community!

Session 126

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