Session 128: What is your most useful website used in teaching?

Session Title: What is the most useful website used in teaching?
Date: Thursday 6th December 2012

Summary of the Session:
[pullquote]Really great #ukedchat tonight – if you are a teacher or aspiring teacher and you don’t already know about it, check out the hashtag[/pullquote]Tonight’s #ukedchat was deliberately chosen to be as generic as possible, all too often in teaching we give something a very precise focus, whether it be a lesson observation where we are looking for a really defined standard of teaching, or a discussion on #ukedchat which may exclude a portion of the audience. Tonight could not have more generic if it tried… unless you had no access to internet… which would mean you wouldn’t be on #ukedchat anyway!


The internet is loved and loathed by teachers in equal measure, it is the magic tool some teachers go to when they are asked a question that they don’t know the answer to, or it is the career ending device that allowed that year 9 student to access that website and project on the whiteboard! Whichever side of the fence you sit on it was clear tonight that the internet is saving teachers across the UK when planning lessons, teaching lessons, and trying to stay sane throughout the term.

The first question posed was the theme of the topic, and straight away many pointed the obvious sites out. Twitter was first suggested by @bbeclrc as a good way of sharing ideas and resources, something that we are doing more and more in todays world, gone are the days whereby staff would keep lesson plans/ideas locked in a cupboard!

There are far too many websites to name in this summary, so thanks must go to the @UKedchat team who compiled the websites at This website is a great way to collate links using a twitter hashtag – something I have used in my own classrooms to collate useful revision links the students post using a teacher generated hashtag.

The most notable websites to come up were;
•    Class Dojo – behaviour management system
•    BBC Classroom clips – now fully downloadable
•    TES – for both resources and for times where you might think the ‘grass is greener’
• – for sharing bookmarks across classes
•    Dropbox/google docs – these two were the most prominent sites used to share files.
•    The app Triptico was mentioned a number of times
• – this is a great way to show your tutor group the news of the day in a more interesting way

Trying to summarise tonights session is very tricky as there were huge amounts of websites thrown out there, with nearly every single participant offering different websites. I suppose what we take from this is that the web is being used in lesson/out of lesson by teachers all of the time, and that there is ‘something’ for everyone out there if you look for it. I don’t think we should be prescriptive with the websites we use… what works for one may be a nightmare for another… but that is the beauty of teaching and the web itself.

Notable tweets from the session

Really great #ukedchat tonight – if you are a teacher or aspiring teacher and you don’t already know about it, check out the hashtag

@alecwaters @sbhsmrwilson  #ukedchat

Rob Carpenter ?@DJToadie #ukedchat Dropbox website, great for accessing the shared ‘Class Team’ folder when you can’t install at work

Mr G ?@MrG_ICT Class use Google docs everyday (and every night). fantastic for collaboration and its free. #ukedchat

Chris Revitt ?@chrisrevitt Delicious bookmarks is great for creating Dept. resource banks of websites and sharing of ideas. #ukedchat

Susan Banister ?@susanbanister BBC class clips are more useful now that the latest video clips are downloadable #ukedchat

Oliver Bone ?@MrBoneY5  Excellent history resource. V accessible.#ukedchat

Laura ?@Lashani01  is another one that can be used for resources as there is a section for teachers #ukedchat

Simon Armitage ?@s_armitage #ukedchat has anyone said  for possibly the most inspirational content? Need to get every 6thformer addicted to it!

Jon Tait ?@TeamTait #ukedchat To view the global collaborative #pegeeks youtube channel, go to  Teachers from 12 countries collaborating!

David Rogers ?@davidErogers  for data visualisation for all subjects as well as geography #ukedchat

Andy Knill ?@aknill #ukedchat USGS and other US agencies for natural disaster information globally – many are linked to by apps on I-devices

Urban Teacher ?@urban_teacher  very useful infographics and data visualizations website!#ukedchat

Jo Payne ?@MrsPTeach @sbhsmrwilson BBC learning clips good for science #ukedchat

Tom Sherrington ?@headguruteacher #ukedchat For me, top pedagog bloggers @LearningSpy@HuntingEnglish & @johntomsett; Diigo, my fab online library +@ICTmagic ‘s pinterest.

Kerri Hastings ?@Kezmerrelda #ukedchat  for anything  for anything  for phonics BBC class clips fir video

Monty Mouse ?@Monty_Math #ukedchat I’m already looking forward to the summary – 1 stop shop for great ed websites!  great for mfl!

James Winchester ?@jwinchester25 Hackasaurus  great fun and teaches students how websites are made #ukedchat

Jo Payne ?@MrsPTeach I love me some  #ukedchat

Georgina Black ?@GeorgeEBlack #ukedchat Issuu is good too for publishing students work in a flip booky type way!

Stephanie Reed ?@IamStephReed Poisson Rouge is an amazing website especially for children with special needs or in the early years #ukedchat

Rob Carpenter ?@DJToadie #ukedchat  is one I wish I had more time to use during tutor time

andrew cowley ?@andrew_cowley23 #ukedchat actually Wikipedia good for pointing out flaws and missing evidence

Jo Harwood ?@bbeclrc #ukedchat can we count twitter as a web site? really good for sharing

Oliver Bone ?@MrBoneY5 @ukedchat Really been enjoying using Class Dojo recently. Really positive feedback from my class and their parents. #ukedchat

Carl Pattison ?@Mr_P_Teach #ukedchat Follow @officialvoki and go to their site. You can create a voki and embed it in your blog. Great for S&L

CarrotyCarrots ?@CarrotyCarrots Best website for EY are @purpleMash, @MrPhonics does phonics, Espresso and Poisson Rouge. #ukedchat


Tweets of the Week
Wonder Academy ?@Wonderacademy
#ukedchat Impressive blogs: @headguruteacher @kevbartle@RealGeoffBarton @LearningSpy @tombennett71 have taught me more than 15 yrs of INSET


About your Host
James Wilson (@sbhsmrwilson) is a secondary school teacher at South Bromsgrove High School in the West Midlands. He is currently studying towards a Masters in educational leadership, and has a particular interest in disadvantaged students in the UK education system. James also runs a blog to reflect on his work at


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