Session 129: Philosophy in the Classroom

Thursday 13th December 2012

Session Title: If a Roman soldier was a biscuit, what biscuit would they be and why?
Date: Thursday 13th December 2012


Summary of the Session:

#ukedchat this week was certainly the most interesting one I’ve been involved in. Ever. In coming up with the topics for the poll, at the time, I was struggling to come up with a final topic. I went away with a view to coming back to it and meanwhile saw while I was pondering, a tweet talking about Thunks; something created by the fabulous Ian Gilbert where someone had tweeted that particular Thunk. “If a Roman soldier was a biscuit, what biscuit would they be and why?” – well that got me right there, so I added it on. And that was that. No mystery. No, “let’s all have a #ukedchat about biscuits” but there you go… Incidentally, if you’d like to find out more about Thunks, I can wholeheartedly recommend visiting the resource and the book that goes with it, “The Little Book of Thunks” has got some crackers in it too.

Little did I know though that four weeks or so later it would prove to be an option that would provoke such interest. People ran campaigns using the innovative #votebiscuit hashtag. There was talk of vote rigging too. Yet, on the night, despite having tweeted about it and explaining the premise behind the topic, there ended up being a two tier debate on #ukedchat. The one that was rife with biscuit related puns and the one that actually focussed on the topic that had been voted for. Even now as I type up this summary, the debate continues over #biscuitgate – it really has been a very strange evening. It has clearly been a popular chat tonight though as #ukedchat was trending tonight across the UK which makes it all the more difficult to pick out some top tweets. What I’ve done is pick two sets of tweets. One which comprises of some of the better puns, in particular those who have managed to relate biscuits to teaching and learning; the other being the best of the fantastic ideas shared on different types of starter activity.

Top Tweets:
@CFarr0w – Classic starter for me is Think, Pair, Share. Assess students knowledge of prior learning. Bring findings together as a class #ukedchat
@pekabelo – #UKedchat book spine poetry starter anyone?
@lisajaneashes – #UKEdChat “Why does a burglar use the back door?” – how can you link this to creative writing. Started writing CA unit with this question
@Wonderacademy – #ukedchat Let’s put an end to sharing objectives and the 3-part lesson tonight- interest,engagement, inspiration and passion take many forms
@PEeducator – #UKEdchat create a wordle surrounding the lesson content, get students to dissect and create a sentence. #literacy
@futurebehaviour – name ten things you can’t clean #ukedchat
@aknill – love to start with images enlarged – maybe reveal using spotlight – how does it link to topic? What is it?
@pekabelo – #UKEdchat magic tricks involving money to spark creative thinking works a treat! Have to save them for a challenging lesson
@smanfarr: #ukedchat juxtapose two seemingly randoms ( Banksy and William Blake) let em run at how they could be linked. Deep thinkin …
@JOHNSAYERS – #ukedchat label a picture on the whiteboard. Then turn projector off. What could/might the image be of when they walk in?
@Lessonhacker – #ukedchat I like using @polleverywhere so I can do some student voice / questioning through text message, instant feedback without a PC each
@eyebeams – I have been known to use this or the App equivalent  #UKedChat (Learning event generator)


Top biscuit tweets:
@adamcreen – Belgian biscuits are called ‘speculoos’ and taste malty. Not for nothing is Belgium doing well in teacher training. #ukedchat
@timbuckteeth – I just designed iBiscuits. They are expensive, have rounded corners and you can easily pinch or swipe them
@sezl – I’m waiting for someone to advocate hexagonal #biscuits #ukedchat
@ielserafy – #ukedchat especially good for English and speaking: get them to speak for a couple minutes non stop (coherent) about projected images.
@eyebeams – Thunks while you dunk #Ukedchat
@timbuckteeth – If Microsoft designed biscuits, the packet would take 5 minutes to open. #ukedchat
@eyebeams – I had come prepared #UKedChat
@DrHuxTM – Give them a few crumbs of information #badpunsaspeciality  #ukedchat

And I couldn’t finish this summary without giving Andrew Old (@oldandrewuk) the last word:
“#ukedchat You could try to bribe them to come in with some form of sweet tasting crunchy snack.”

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Mark Anderson (@ICTEvangelist) is Subject Leader of ICT at Clevedon School, North Somerset and has been a teacher for 15 years. He writes a personal weblog ( on Teaching & Learning and how this can be advanced through the use of technology and is an active member of the educational Twitter community.

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