Session 137: How to reduce to the mark-load & still give quality, valued feedback? Ebacc/GCSE announcement from Michael Gove

Thursday 7th February 2013

Session Title: How to reduce the mark-load and still give quality, valued feedback?
Date: Thursday 7th February 2013

[pullquote]Ink stamp saying “Verbal Feedback” with speech bubble – pupil writes next to it what they have been told.[/pullquote]

How many times have you heard a colleague say that they have a “mountain of marking” to complete?

I knew #UKEdChat would be a great place to share ideas on how help with that ‘mountain’ but, more importantly still give the feedback which allows students to make the progress. The session kicked off with a discussion about tips and trick that fellow professionals use.

@LiamOManachain made an excellent contribution – “surely we are talking peer and self-assessment? Cut our marking workload and what better feedback than that of their peers? #ukedchat” – and this gave rise to the debate that students should be given more responsibility for their own marking.

Most tweeters agreed that students can be trained to do this over time, with lots of guidance and persistence in the early stages. @smanfarr tweeted that “start early – year 7. Model what good feedback looks like. Embed by doing in various forms at dif stages in the yr” Ultimately, if done the right way peer/self marking seemed a great tool to reduce the teacher mark load.
@ChrisChivers2 : Reflective oral feedback always, marking with students, peer marking, www and ebi plus qualitative comment. #ukedchat.

A few tweeters mentioned  the impact of instant feedback during lesson and catching students before the mistakes are made; ?@tmeeky

“You can’t beat ‘just in-time’ oral feedback #ukedchat”. In an ideal world actually marking and giving feedback during class time would save a heck of a lot of time and most agreed it had the biggest impact on students immediate progress

However, with OFSTED’s criteria of progress over time, is this enough? The debate was raised with some interesting responses.@day_tom stated that, “#ukedchat I think the progress over time has made me make sure that stu understand the why more. And understood their feedback more”. Ultimately I think the OFSTED criteria will result in more pressure on teachers to undertake formal, recorded assessments in order to ‘tick boxes’.

To summarise the marking/feedback tips; Marking can be streamlined by getting pupils to do it, assessing at half termly intervals, marking during lesson and ensuring students are part of the marking process.

Due to the day’s news we also run a parallel topic regarding Gove’s announcements that he would back down from the EBacc and the introduction of a new NC.

The feelings were different for every tweeter as they looked to run a post-mortem on how it would personally affect them. With the fear of a new NC and the delight of GCSE’s remaining.?@Gwenelope summed the mood up perfectly;“At the moment there is an immediate sense of relief due to not having a new known unknown to deal with. #ukedchat.”

It appears Teachers are quite fearful of where Mr.Gove might take things next but where very relieved to hear that sense had prevailed. A lot was discussed regarding this issue without real focus but I’ll leave you with a couple of tweets to give you a sense;
@pigsmightfly -#UKedchat my daughter is annoyed about Ebacc/GCSE. She thinks her grades will be worthless
@Educ_job_please – #ukedchat Not familiar of strengths/weaknesses of old /new curriculum. But once implemented there will be gradual acceptance & embedding.

A good and productive session overall.

Notable Tweets
?@mrlockyer  – #ukedchat We’re getting feedback stickers. In books you write a question, when pupil answers they get the sticker! Works really well! KS2
@lukemayhew – #UKedchat by the time work gets to teacher it has been checked & corrected twice & teacher then oversees & writes own WWW EBI
@bigrajen #ukedchat new plans suggest ict taught in other subject. Could this spell the end of our friendly neighbourhood ict teacher? #ohno
@JOHNSAYERS -Critique Ron Berger method is my bread and butter. Get the students to do majority, reflect, act then we check affirm. #UKedchat


Tweet of the Week
@lukemayhew – Ink stamp saying “Verbal Feedback” with speech bubble – pupil writes next to it what they have been told. #ukedchat.
Great practical idea to reduce marking and give student responsibility for marking


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@C_Farr0w is currently an NQT in ICT, I live and work in Essex. I have only been using UkedChat for several months now and have taken and used many ideas. Some succesffuly, some not so.


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