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Session 144 - #TeachTweet Session

As a long attendee of TeachMeets across the UK, I love the learning and excitement you can feel when bringing a group of educators together to swap ideas. It is palpable! While you can never beat face to face interaction, I have learnt so much by watching the video streams and the Twitter back channel for TeachMeets I was unable to attend in person. This was the idea behind the TeachTweet – Where the back channel comes to the fore. It was a pleasure to bring together so many talented and inspirational educators and host the first of many similar events. We are still tweaking the format and would welcome any suggestions you would like to give to improve the next event. - @ICTmagic

Presenters and presentations – 28th March 2013

  1. Martin Burrett @ICTmagic – How educators can share, collaborate and create – See the video here
  2. Ian Addison @ianaddison - Random sentences – See the video here
  3. Jim Smith @Jim1982 - No hands up & no hiding - See the video here
  4. Amjad Ali @ASTsupportAAli – Pre-recorded Lesson Starters - See the video here
  5. Action Jackson @ActionJackson – The Power of THANK YOU! - See the video here
  6. Daniel Harvey @DanielHarvey9 – Application of my learning from PLN this year - See the video here
  7. Andy Knill @aknill – Global lessons - See the video here
  8. Alessio Bernardelli @asober - A new breed of Jedi - See the video here
  9. Mark Allen @EdintheClouds – Write Once, Reach Many - See the video here
  10. Liam @ThisIsLiamM - Bring a School to Twitter - See the video here
  11. David Doherty @dockers_hoops - SOLO Questioning - See the video here
  12. John Sayers @JOHNSAYERS - Permanent Hooking - See the video here
  13. Andy Lewis @TalkingDonkeyRE - No YOU mark your A-Level essay! - See the video here
  14. Bev Evans @bevevans22 - Giving writing purpose for students with SEN -See the video here
  15. Paul Hutson @nightzookeeper – Peer assessment with CoveritLive. - See the video here
  16. Samuel Betts @Mr_Betts - Planning with SOLO - See the video here
  17. Sheli Blackburn @SheliBB – Digital literacy - See the video here

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