Session 145: Fun ideas to reduce stress during work!

Thursday 4th April 2013

Session 145 – Hosted by @ActionJackson

Thursday 4th April 2013 – Fun ideas to reduce stress during work!


The whole discussion centred around the most effective ways of dealing with stress in the classroom with staff members and students. We focused on somef fun and quirky ideas. Before that we had a good number of people highlighting the main causes of stress in education, most of which were to do with others.

The great ideas presented are common knowledge but they are not common practice,it seemed that some people forget to implement these ideas in their daily lives, or they say they don’t have the time…

a good proportion of the audience pointed to the joy and delight of teaching, and focusing our energies on the things that make us laugh in the Classroom. One comment read:
“Best release from stress has to be teaching a lesson. Some students never fail to make me laugh or at least smile” another by @nickotkdIV stated, stress- “remember why you went into teaching!!”

By the look of the response, we had there were a million causes of stress and everybody had there own perspective on it.

Some causes included the pressure of time and attention.
@KDWScience expressed the following “never feeling that you have enough time for everyone’s needs including my own kids” other causes include technology and workload- “paper work and digital technology making you too accessible.”

Stress is a mental state, and your ability to MOAN and MAGNIFY issues can sometimes add to it. By bringing your attention to the PRESENT and realising that all is well and taking a second to think of loved ones, or humming your favourite tune can dramatically shift your focus away from what seems huge and stressful.

Our role in UK education is a vital one and the more healthy mind we have the better. Challenge yourself to being STILL for a minute or two during a busy working day.
Don’t wait for weekends and holidays…BE STILL NOW, because you deserve it.
As @kitandrew1 pointed out ” do what makes you happy, a quick break from what is making you stressed will bring you back to problem with a clearer mind.”


Eye-Catching Tweets from the Session:

@teenathan86 #ukedchat making sure lunch is fun… No bitching in work room justbanter! Support each other and make sure at least one laugh a day

@nickotkdIV School life should be enjoyable! #ukedchat

?@MrBoneY5 Try to take time out to socialize with colleagues when possible. Get to know the people you work with!

?@RGD01 getting some fresh air or change of scenery when you get 5mins

TJ ?@TJAMhd Helping others feel less stressed will in turn make you less stressed. It can be as simple as that sometimes

Tweet of the Week:

@Mazlionheart Before you talk, listen. Before you react, think.Before you criticise, pause. Before you give up, try again

About your Host:

My name is ACTION JACKSON head coach of the

I believe in 4 things :

3.Parents and
4.The Power of Cheesecake (LOL)

We work to make the key people in UK education feel AMAZING through workshops and seminars.

Based in London but travel across the UK to Schools, Colleges and Sixthforms to MOTIVATE, EQUIP & INSPIRE .

We Love it! 🙂
Stay in touch @Actionjackson


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