Session 147: Behaviour policies, rewards and sanctions. What works well?

Date: Thursday 18th April, 2013
Host: @joelittlewood
Session Title: Behaviour policies, rewards and sanctions. What works well?

Behaviour policies, rewards and sanctions. What works well?

Session Summary
The discussion started with tweets on whether people worked for a school that had developed their own policy or had a ‘bought in’ programme in place. Recent innovations such as IT based reward and sanction systems like ClassDojo were enthusiastically endorsed, while Assertive Mentoring – a scheme that weaves together childrens’ targets, attainment and behaviour seemed to be having a positive influence, although users commented on the labour intensity of this system.  There seemed to be quite a lot of schools using a token based meritocricy in school with children earning a treat at the end of each week if they have made the right behaviour choices. Further rewards such as postcards, pens and stickers featured too.

Discussion moved on to differentiated policies and how children with specific SEBD are rewarded or receive sanctions.  There seemed to be a groundswell of agreement that teachers should know what is right for their class and each individual within it, and which rewards and sanctions work with each child.  This raises the question therefore of whether teachers are actually following the school’s policy – or adapting it to suit the needs of their class.  However, nobody commented that their adaptations had been received in a negative light from SLT.

The underlying themes that ran through the chat were relationships, respect, fairness and authority, and that these must be established between the teacher and every child.  Most contributors agree that these were the cornerstones of effective behaviour management in the classroom, and that if one of these is lost then it can be difficult to implement even the most robust school policy.

Notable Tweets from the Session:
Chris T @thechrissyt
I’d like to recommend class dojo as a brilliant online behaviour chart where children earn +&- points.Hugely motivating. #ukedchat

chris farrell @chris_farrell2
#ukedchat we have just started using VIVO STARS which the kids are loving, set your own values and only £175 for the whole school amazing!

Andy Knill @aknill
#ukedchat the most important word is CONSISTENCY across a school

Chris Chivers @ChrisChivers2
@joelittlewood #ukedchat Only school personalised policies really work. Ownership matters, include all staff, children, parents and Govs.

Urban Teacher @urban_teacher
Tell them you love them and mean it! Tell them they are fab & mean it! Appreciate what they do show it! #ukedchat

chris farrell @chris_farrell2
#ukedchat nothing is more powerful that relationship with pupils, get to know them, make connections, common ground and SMILE!!!!!

Shaun Renton @ShaunRenton
#ukedchat I have a class currency where children are ‘paid’ for positive learning and can ‘buy’ rewards. Has pretty much stopped disruption

Chris Chivers @ChrisChivers2
#ukedchat Too many “”rules”” can be seen as petty and get in the way of real relationships. Is your BM policy easily understandable?

Miss Cox @MissDCox
#ukedchat I personally don’t believe students can earn their way out of trouble. Trouble=consequence. No credits allowed.

AST T&L @ASTsupportAAli
#ukedchat behaviour is about personalisation. We all have the same minimum standards but the rest is about differentiation too??

CarrotyCarrots @CarrotyCarrots
Difficult to apply ‘golden time’. Basically saying the rest of thier time is boring. All time at school should be golden time 😉 #ukedchat

Coventry English @PrimaryEnglish
@CarrotyCarrots agreed. Golden time is a tricky beast. Naughty on Monday, lose time on Friday, difficult concept for young minds #ukedchat

Ryan Horne @ryanhorne0076
NEVER discipline an individual in front of the whole class. Creates power struggle. 1:1 private discussions #ukedchat

davidhunter @davidhunter
#ukedchat isn’t it amazing that we expect thirty human beings to behave cordially together all day in a small room

Shazzzy Shaz @Shaz_Yu
Restorative practice! Learners taking accountability for their actions #ItWorks  #ukedchat

Cherrylkd @cherrylkd
#ukedchat I advise teachers not to call in HT or DHT if possible. This undermines your own authority. Deal with behaviour yourself.

and finally…

Jo Petch @violetjo3010
#ukedchat stickers stickers smiley faces and MORE STICKERS!!!!!”

Tweet of the Week:
Andy Colley @MrAColley
#ukedchat Remember (no matter how hard it is) they’re children. You’re not dealing with the finished neurological article.

About Your Host:
@joelittlewood I’m an NQT in a North Sheffield Y1 class.  Due to being allocated a particularly challenging class this year I’ve developed an interest in behaviour management and have been on several courses that have led to me questioning whole school ‘one size fits all’ policies. Before coming in to teaching I worked in arts administration and will be taking on the mantle of curriculum leader in both Art and DT next year.

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