Session 154: What issues should be addressed in Sex Education & who should teach it?

Date: Thursday 6th June, 2013
Host: @CarrieStarbuck
Session Title: What issues should be addressed in Sex Education & who should teach it?

[pullquote]This subject is crucial to grow happy, healthy and safe. We can’t afford to get it wrong.[/pullquote] Session Summary

Wow. It was a good discussion!

There was some debate around the difference between sex education (the mechanics) and sex & relationship education, which incorporates various issues.

It was generally agreed that compulsory sex education on the human body, the reproductive system, etc. was essential but didn’t go far enough. And here comes the wonderful world of SRE!

The most popular topics were pornography, influence of media, the accessibility of sexual images, puberty, consent, healthy & equal relationships. We did dare to mention the pleasure of sex! And it was noted that young women found it shocking they could actually enjoy intimacy and may see sex as a ‘duty.’

As for who should teach it, there was a general consensus that sex & relationship education should be a collaborative effort between schools, parents, young people and the wider community, such as, youth centres. This is, of course, an ideal situation but the main responsibility of teaching SRE falls to teachers.

What makes a great SRE teacher? Training, training, training was the word most repeated when this question was asked. That, and bringing outside specialists into schools to help.

Among all this (we tweeted a lot in an hour) there were some interesting points raised about whether parents should be allowed to remove their children from SRE lessons and if schools/policy puts young people off or encourages them to have sex.

The session was rounded up with a call to make PHSE and SRE statutory as it is vital to young people’s health, happiness and safety.

Notable Tweets

A great tweet on what is needed for the future:
@JoeHaymanPSHE: Statutory PSHE = higher status for SRE = better training for teachers = better experience for pupils #ukedchat

Talking openly & maturely about masturbation and pleasure:
@BigTalkEd: Really concerned about lack of expectation regarding sex being pleasurable especially girls, seen as a duty!

On how to safeguard young children:
@TheRSEHub: The most crucial thing is to teach what consent means from a young age, about bodily autonomy and rights

Good point on looking at the history/origins of pornography:
@TangentsDerby: look at this kind of thing from different angles (no pun!) where did porn originate from? Perhaps in art and history?

The irony in this tweet is wonderful!
@Toryedumacation: No one Should EVER talk about the disgusting act of self love. It causes blindness and cancer.

Tweet of the Week
This subject is crucial to grow happy, healthy and safe. We can’t afford to get it wrong.

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I’m Carrie Starbuck @CarrieStarbuck (no relation to the coffee – I pay my taxes!) Director of Learning Performance Training who visits schools across the UK with our various workshops for students.

I’ve taught in an early years setting before going on to join the family business (Learning Performance) to write history – based programmes for primary schools and Business & Enterprise workshops for disengaged pupils. More recently, I wrote and launched our new programme Let’s Talk Sex.

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