Session 164: Tips to make your classroom environment a truly amazing place for learning

classroomDate: Thursday 8th August 2013
Host: @DanielHarvey9
Session Title: Tips to make your classroom environment a truly amazing place for learning.

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Discussion Summary

This discussion, although in the middle of the holidays, attracted a busy timeline with lots of teachers wanting to share their ideas for what makes their classrooms, and also nearby areas like corridors, support good quality learning.

Notable Tweets
@rlj1981: My classroom is totally covered in work the students have generated. It is their space, made by them, for them. #ukedchat

@fod3: make it ur own – u have 2 spend a lot of time in the room so make it a room that motivates u (aswell as the students) #ukedchat

@Mad_teach: #UKedchat I have separate areas for lit and for num displays. So the kids know for lit help, look left, num help, look right.

@natkin: @danielharvey9 wall for them to put their own questions on – post its or white board #ukedchat

@Nicholls_Dr: #ukedchat Tried an interactive display using QR codes to link to student blogs last term. Worked well. Want to expand to Aurasma next

@SparkyTeaching: Love that quote from @fullonlearning (on display etc): Don’t be afraid to let your classroom scream “”LEARNING!!!”” #ukedchat

@AmyG2191: Blank frames for students to put their work into and others to critique during a ‘gallery’ session.#UKedchat

@fullonlearning: To encourage/ remind/celebrate/model/record/value process etc & rotate display according to different purpose #UKedchat

@LauraLolder: @ukedchat If you can paint your walls, DIY stores offer MAGNETIC chalkboard PAINT!! #UKedchat

Tweet of the Week
@Stplearning: Enlarged an essay we were using as a prompt and made an entrance into the room out of it – got noticed #ukedchat

About your Host
Daniel Harvey @DanielHarvey9 is the Director of digital learning at JHNCC Birmingh

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