UKedchat Mini – Week 6 – 16-21 August 2013

ukedchatminiWednesday 21st August 2013 – What can all teachers do to improve the take up of languages? How can you bring the world into your classroom? What are the benefits of learning other languages?

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Tuesday 20th August 2013 – How can we increase the numbers of female coders & tech-tinkerers in schools?

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Monday 19th August 2013 – How is citizenship taught at your school? What are the benefits of a strong citizenship curriculum? Is citizenship valued by teachers and pupils?

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Saturday 17th August 2013 – Meeting Marvels – Share your stories of staff meetings that have boggled the mind. Have you spend centuries discussing something which should have taken 30 seconds (if that!) What outlandish ideas have been hatched or eye-rollingly ridiculous plans purposed?

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Friday 16th August 2013 – How can blogging be used to aid learning? Do you have a class blog How is it used? Do you use it to collaborate with others? Does is help bridge the gap between home and school?

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