UKedchat Mini – Week 7 – 23-28 August 2013

-Wednesday 28th August 2013 – How is your classroom arranged & decorated? How does this affect your teaching? Share photos of your classroom.

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Tuesday 27th August 2013 – Is it a school’s responsibility to ensure pupils get enough exercise? How could we do things differently to help encourage physical activity? Is a sedentary a nature part of 21st century life?

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Monday 26th August 2013 – Teaching to the test – Is it inevitable that schools become ‘exam factories’?

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Saturday 24th August 2013 – Where do you draw your teaching inspiration? Who are your educational heroes? Did a teacher inspire you at school?

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Friday 23th August 2013 – How to set up and use a Facebook page for school. Topic suggested by @tj007

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